Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 2023: Get Wrecked! introduces new mode, map, event and more

As the plot of Call of Duty Mobile develops, everybody becomes irritated because the Atlas Corporation has once again overstepped its boundaries. As rallies and demonstrations fill the streets, it is time for the people who are actually experiencing everything to speak up. The COD Mobile Season 5 2023 is making waves with a new Multiplayer map and a new mode, as well as enhancements to the weekend Tournaments, including the ability to compete in Multiplayer and Battle Royale, as Season 4 of Call of Duty Mobile comes to a close.


Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 Key Highlights​

COD Mobile Season 5 2023: Battle Pass​

The new Battle Pass includes both free and paid content, including new Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, Calling Cards, and extra COD Points to go toward your upcoming Premium Pass or Store purchase.

Battle Pass Free Tiers​

Make way for the Tier 21 Battle Pass reward, the FFAR 1 Assault Rifle, which boasts one of the highest fire rates in its class. At Tier 14, acquire the new Guardian Scorestreak, a deployable weapon that emits radiation in a cone, delaying enemy movement, obstructing their vision, and doing continuous low-level damage. Additional free Tier highlights include several camos, Weapon Blueprints, and the Hades-Shattered Hearts at Tier 50.


Premium Pass Tiers​

Access every page of the Get Wrecked! By purchasing the Premium Pass, you can stream content from all Operator Skins, such as Rampage — Showdown, Synaptic — Neutralizer, Sims — Regulator, and Roze — Smokey Skies. To defeat the opposition, use the FFAR 1 — Burnt a Cinder, the AK117 — Corporate Issue, the ZRG 20MM — Holy Roman, the Shorty — Patched, and the Switchblade X9 — Treachery.


Battle Pass Subscription​

You can join the Ground Forces and gain extra rewards each season, a 10% boost in player and weapon XP, as well as a few 10x crates pull discounts, by purchasing a Battle Pass Subscription. The Ground Forces prizes for Season 5 include the Bag—Mollusk Majesty, the MAC-10—Mollusk Majesty Weapon Blueprint, and the Hunter—Infantry Operator Skin.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 Multiplayer changes​

New Multiplayer Map: Armada Strike​

In Armada Strike, combat on the open seas puts players against one another on a huge ship in the middle of a fleet of ocean-going vessels. Armada Strike, which was initially introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, challenges players with on-deck and below-deck engagements and includes abseil lines that permit speedy access to both decks. By jumping into the water to carry out aquatic flanking attacks and battling for control of the central control room, you can cut down a crucial channel through the ship. Keep pushing the other team until you see the win screen, but watch out for snipers and other long-range Operators across starboard and port.


New Multiplayer Mode: Search and Rescue​

In Search and Rescue, players must combine elements of Search & Destroy and Kill Confirmed to assault or protect explosive areas. Players can resurrect knocked-out teammates once per round. After the initial eradication, operators leave a dog tag in their path. The downed Operator will reappear in the fight if a teammate picks it up; if an enemy picks it up first, the downed Operator is eliminated. Similar to Search and Destroy, teams can triumph by completely annihilating the opposition or by successfully detonating or defusing a bomb location.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 Battle Royale changes​

Battle Royale will now feature the Trophy System​

In order to maintain their position, players can now use the Trophy System, which will be added to Battle Royale in Season 5. The autonomous defensive mechanism when in operation disables a limited number of incoming explosives so that you can focus on the opponent in front of you rather than escape an imminent blast radius. Keep a watch out for this essential tactical tool while exploring the map.


New Themed Event: Desolate Endurance​

In this chaotic area, develop your own survival base, gather resources, build structures, and gain a foothold. Play multiplayer and Battle Royale to earn milestone rewards, such as daily tasks that reward advanced resources once completed. You can more efficiently collect extra prizes by using these cutting-edge resources to upgrade the structures in your base.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 Seasonal Challenges and Featured Events​

Season 5 introduces brand-new Seasonal Challenges and Events with rewards such as Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, Battle Pass XP, and the brand-new Tactical Flashlight attachment. Install the new Tactical Flashlight as an attachment to the RUS-79U to reveal hostile operators at a greater range and in any lighting. In all settings, this attachment is fantastic for quickly acquiring enemy targets at a distance.

For more information, as well as for Daily Missions prizes and Monthly Login incentives, check the in-game Events tab throughout the season.

Store Update: New Mythic Weapon Draw and more​

  • New Mythic Weapon Draw - Kui Ji — Faded Shadow uses the most advanced weapons money can buy, such as the high-tech, fire-based FFAR 1 — Bright Blade, a Mythic-rareity Weapon Blueprint also included in the Draw that is based on the new Season 5 Assault Rifle. He contracts out his skills as a bodyguard and spy to the highest bidder.
  • Other Season 5 Draws with anarchy themes include Operator Skins like as David Mason's Bandit and Alias' Signal Jammer, as well as Legendary Weapon Blueprints such as the KSP-45's Jolted Radio and the RUS-79U's Custom Job. A repeat of the Clean House Draw will also be available, with items like the Legendary J358 — Heavy Handed Pistol Weapon Blueprint, the Legendary Price — Counter Terror Operator Skin, and more.
  • Battle Pass Vault - With the addition of In Deep Water to the Battle Pass Vault in Season 5, Epic-rare Operators like Merrick from Call of Duty: Ghosts and Foreshadow's foes Roze, Rorke, and Backstroke will be available. Get yourself some brand-new Epic Weapon Blueprints, such as the PP19 Bizon — Devilfish, the DR-H — Rebreather, the QXR — Close Catch, and the CR-56 AMAX — Torpedo.
  • Vault Updates - Each Battle Pass Vault season will rotate out of the in-game Store every 90 days starting with Season 5, leaving about four Battle Pass Vault seasons available at once.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 Tournament Mode Improvements​

Players will be able to compete in Battle Royale, starting with Alcatraz, and the weekly rotating Multiplayer mode starting in Season 5's weekend Tournament mode.
  • Melee Camos - With the new Tournament mode Melee Camos, get near and personal. The Melee Camos will become available to gain if you have unlocked enough Primary Weapon Tournament Camos, allowing you to combat in style even when going toe-to-toe.
  • Improved Crates - Players will be able to use their 1CP coupons on the initial pull of Mythic Card Crates, which will increase the contents of tournament crates.
The battle pass season will start on June 1st, 2023, while the Call of Duty Season 5: Get Wrecked! will start on May 31st, 2023.