Call of Duty: Mobile Season 5 “In Deep Water” Rundown

As the Season 5 of Call of Duty: Mobile is still ongoing, events are still being updated by the developer to make the current season more exciting and enjoyable to play. Let’s dive in the deep waters of Call of Duty: Mobile Season 5.

CODM-S5-Announcement-TOUT (1).jpg

  • Aniyah Incursion is a new map. It's a larger map meant to be played by far more players than the usual 5v5 match. It has a large and explorable palace at the center that has multiple floors, crumbling floors, and close-range corridors. The surrounding palace grounds consist of open streets, small buildings, courtyards and gardens.
  • Ground missions is a MP mode designed for bigger maps like Aniyah Incursion. It’s a 10v10 Domination with 5 different capture points and a higher score limit.

  • Ghost - Retribution resurrected with his dog, Riley. Because of his appearance, a lot of unique cosmetics based on Battle Royale are now available. These are the unique cosmetics: Custom Lobby Screen, Custom Opening BR Animation (with Riley), BR Class Clown Spawns Riley (instead of the usual K9 Unit), Ghost Styled Death Box, Holographic Kill Counter Watch/Device.

  • Aside from Ghost - Retribution, you can also acquire Omnipotent Draw which has various things that you can use. From weapons to clothes that you can style Ghost in.

  • Shorty, a new weapon that you can get in Seasonal Challenge. It is a small shotgun that goes well with fast-paced players who use the run-and-gunning style of battling.

  • Sawed Off Shenanigans Seasonal Challenge will reward 20,000 Battle Pass XP. Aside from that you can also get these following rewards: Echo – Helm (Uncommon). Charm – Puffer Punk (Rare), Frame – Rhinestone (Rare), and the New Functional Weapon – Shorty.
  • The Board of Honor is the seven part of the seasonal challenge. Complete matches, kill using a specific type of weapon, and win Ranked weapons to complete all the tasks. Once completed, you can get 19,000 Battle Pass XP as well as the following rewards: (Uncommon) FHJ-18 – Helm. (Uncommon) Type 25 – Navigator, (Rare) Avatar – Octopus, and (Rare) Pharo – Cut Wave.
  • To get the Rifle Ace, AK117, you’ll need to play MP matches, kill with an assault rifle, use specific loadouts, and have the new CR-56 AMAX. if you accomplished all that then aside from the 19,000 Battle Pass XP, you’ll also get the following: (Uncommon) Frag Grenade – Helm, (Uncommon) UL736 – Helm, (Rare) Spray – Squid Attack, (Rare) Calling Card – Tools of the Trade, and (Epic) AK117 – Rhinestone.

  • A variety of items has arrived with the credit store updates. Here are the items that you can get when the set number of credit is achieved: ATV - Eyes in the Dark (1.2K credits), Operator Skill - Ballistic Shield (2K credits), .50 GS – Droplets (3k credits), SMRS - Rust Trim (3k credits), and (Epic) Charm – Dinosaur (3K credits).

Above are all the latest events for the current season of Call of Duty: Mobile. Have fun and diving in deeper waters!