Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6 details: Possible Release Date, Leaked Favela Map, Weapons, and more

As Call of Duty: Mobile Season 5 Tropical Vision has been released, developers are now gearing up for the game’s next major update.

codm s6.png

Add to that, with Modern Warfare 2 now revealed, it's possible that crossovers will be ramped up in the coming months, with Season 6 possibly as the starting point. To keep you on the loop, here’s what you can expect in Season 6.

As of the moment, there’s yet a confirmed release for Season 6, but if we’ll base it on the expiry date of the current Battle Pass, we can safely assume that the new season will arrive on July 1st.

With previous updates being an indication, new major updates usually launch on the same day as the Battle Pass expires. But even though there’s a fixed date, unexpected delays could still happen.

Although there’s still no update with what Season 6 will offer to the players, data miners revealed that a classic map will return. Following also a comment from a developer “one older map from a CoD title over 10 years old”, data miners hinted that Favela may be the map in Season 6.

Through Call of Duty: Mobile Season 5’s unique test build, it was revealed that there are three new weapons in development. First was the Oden Assault Rifle, which has been released in the previous update, while the remaining two weapons are yet to see the light of the day.

The KSP45 SMG and the LCAR9 Pistol are both featured in the latest test build. As both are yet to be released, these weapons are more likely to be included in the major patch.

But as there’s yet to be any confirmation regarding Season 6, it’s best to keep your eyes open for any updates. Stay tuned!