Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 New Mythic Skins, Collaborations, Lucky Draws, and more leaked

Players of Call of Duty Mobile are anticipating the upcoming Season 7 with bated breath as new speculations and details about it emerge. You are going to receive all the pertinent information to keep you up to date on the game's forthcoming developments, including information regarding upcoming mythic skins, lucky draws, and possible collaborations.


Archers Fury Draw: Legendary Skin "Broken Will" and Release Date​

First off the list of anticipated content for Call of Duty Mobile Seaon 7, gamers were excited to see the "Archers Fury Draw," which unveiled the eagerly awaited first legendary skin for the XPR 50, known as "Broken Will." However, there was a small misunderstanding regarding the release date, since the draw was made available on Tuesday rather than Friday.

The Return of Legendary Character "Sophia" and Legendary Butterfly Knife "Carver"​

There's more to look forward to in Call of Duty Mobile, as the storied character "Sophia" is expected to make a comeback. The famed butterfly knife known as "Carver" is anticipated to appear in the draw along with her reappearance, in addition to other alluring prizes.

Upcoming "Revenger" Lucky Draw Showcase​

Lucky draw enthusiasts will be happy to learn about the upcoming "Revenger" draw because it offers rare goods. Players are invited to discuss whether they want to use their codpoints in the draw in the comments section.

Return of Mythic Skins in Season 7​

The return of Mythic skins in the forthcoming season is one of the things that players argue about the most. Based on historical trends, it's possible that several Mythic skins that weren't offered this year will return. Among the contenders are the intriguing "Mythic Switchblade Neon Legend" and the mythic "CRIG Six Ice Drag" weapon skins. It's important to remember that these rumors are just that, rumors, and the official announcements from the creators will provide more information.

Rumors About the Next Mythic Weapon Skin​

Data miners have also discovered intriguing details about the upcoming Mythic weapon skin. A Mythic skin for the "MFour Assault Trifle" may be coming, according to hints found in the game files, although further details about this skin are still unknown.


"Girls Frontline" Collaboration Unveils New Character Skins and Potential Mythic Skin​

In a shocking turn of events, a teaser from the Chinese version of the game revealed a partnership between "Girls Frontline" and Call of Duty Mobile. Two character skins that have previously been unveiled were shown in this teaser. It's speculated that one of the characters, a new addition named "Kestrel," will have an interactive mask mechanic similar to "Motoko" from season seven's "New Vision City." Adding to the intrigue, the new Kestrel character could use a spectacular legendary weapon skin for the "ICR-1," boasting a futuristic design. Additionally, the partnership might bring out a new character skin for "Dusk," who is thought to be holding the new Mythic Weapons skin for the "M Four."

It's important to treat this information with a grain of salt until formal confirmations are made public, as with all rumors. Before the skins are formally released, the developers will probably offer more updates, which could change some of the speculative information. As we eagerly await the big Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 release, stay tuned for further information.