Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 Is Available Now + Season 9 Public Test Server Will Be Out Next Week

Exciting new content is about to explode today in the fastest rising FPS mobile game and arguably one of the most popular titles in the mobile platform as Call Of Duty: Mobile brings its season 8 on full launch this July 10, 2020.

There are lots of things to still uncover from the new season that will surely keep the trigger happy players happier than ever but as of moment here are the official new features that you can sink your teeth in at the mobile port of COD.

New Map: Highrise

Developers of COD: Mobile continues the trend of putting classic and fans fave maps from old COD series back in their mobile FPS which in all honesty really puts the players always wanting more. In season 8, you can now engage in an all-out gunfight at the new mid-size map called Highrise from Modern Warfare 2 where the action happens right above a skyscraper under construction. Highrise map is best known as one of the areas that will put your close-quarter combat test once the fight ends up in narrow passages at the office below the rooftop of the building.

New Game Mode: Juggernaut

In Juggernaut, players are given a chance to take down one of them which is powered by the infamous XS1 Goliath mech suit that packs serious firepower and toughness. To help them bring the beatdown, Armament boxes containing operator skills and buffs are all over the map for them to find and utilize. Players can take the role of the Juggernaut along with the gameplay wherein those who manage to kill anyone who has the mech suit will gain more points to win.

New Character Skins

Four new character skins for Reaper, Krueger, Prophet, and Tank Dempsey will be available for players to acquire via points from the new Battle Pass called "The Forge" in the game. As always, this may require additional payments to full achieved. Although still unconfirmed, the Russian villain Vladimir Makorov from Modern Warfare might also appear in this new season.

New Weapons and Skin

Based on the leaks that come from Reddit, a new Living Rust-theme skin for weapons and camos will be coming on the new season plus two new big guns in the form of AK-117 Kitbag and DR-H Chained are also having a debut on season 8. Furthermore, a new tactical grenade called Shrapnel will be available as Perks that slow down the HP regen of your enemies.

Season 9 Test Server

COD: Mobile keeps the ball rolling after the release of their current season as they announced via a reply from one of their fans that they will open the public test server for their season 9 on mid-July for players to have an early taste of what's in store for them in the upcoming updates of the said FPS. Again, nothing is yet confirmed but there are some who speculate that weapon customization will soon arrive. So let's keep our eyes open to that one but for now, let's enjoy the new season of COD: Mobile with a bang!