Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 leaks unveil new Kurohana City map, new multiplayer mode, and more!

A number of significant leaks and important details have recently come from the Chinese edition of Call of Duty Mobile for its upcoming Season 8. These information on planned features and prospective adjustments is provided by dedicated data miners, insiders, and the game's developers and is well worth looking into.


Introducing New Multiplayer Map - Kurohana City​

One of the most significant reveals involves the new multiplayer map Kurohana City. Although there are little facts available, a teaser has been given, piqueing players' interest. However, there are concerns about the timing for the introduction of this upcoming urban battleground. It's uncertain if Kurohana City will be included in the upcoming Call of Duty Mobile Season Eight. Notably, a problem occurs as a result of Season Eight's subject, which is thought to be Japanese in nature. Kurohana City's suitability for this thematic orientation is still up for debate.

New Multiplayer Mode with Sliding Enhancement​

The creators of the game's Chinese version have also introduced a new multiplayer mode, although details on this mode are yet scant. The mode does introduce a correction to sliding distances, that much is known. This mode has been available for players to try out on the Chinese test servers. Based on the current information available, it's conceivable that this new multiplayer option may debut in Season Eight.


Possible Future Collaborations​

The probable return of the Ghost in the Shell collaboration has attracted notice. Call of Duty Mobile has a history of interesting collaborations. The seventh season of the game featured this partnership, which unveiled interesting personalities, one-of-a-kind weapons, vehicle skins, and even a private battle royale area. Insider information and data mining findings point to the possibility of a revival of the Ghost in the Shell partnership. The second phase of this relationship may bring both well-known and unexpected benefits, such as the alleged reappearance of the legendary switchblade. This coincides with the anticipated publication of the second component of the collaboration, building anticipation among participants.

Kurohana City and Collaboration Rewards​

Players are left to reflect on how the introduction of Kurohana City and the second edition of the Ghost in the Shell cooperation coincide while talks surrounding these events take place. The availability of the Kurohana crate along with the release of the collaboration's second installment is a frequently asked question. This notion, albeit unconfirmed, is used by gamers as a topic of discussion and speculative thought.

Players are continually enthralled by Call of Duty Mobile's ongoing development and its possible improvements and additions. The data mined information from the Chinese version plus the revelations made by developers and insiders point to an intriguing trajectory. A climate of curiosity is created by the anticipation surrounding the prospective inclusion of Kurohana City, the launch of a brand-new multiplayer mode, and the potential comeback of collaborations. A sense of undiscovered terrain and tantalizing rewards awaits players as they interact with these developing events in the world of Call of Duty Mobile.