Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9 is Called Conquest - Big Changes & Weapon Progression Adjusted

Delays were finally over and it is official. Call of Duty: Mobile will soon receive its biggest update (even bigger than last year's) as the season 9 approaches. It's title was revealed and called CONQUEST. It might not be as fiery as the The Forge sounds. But, the initial changes that we're going to soon will surely live up to the name of conquest.

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Before anything else, mark your calendars on August 16, 8 AM (Manila Time) as it will mark the beginning of our Conquest. Players' ranks will be refreshed and a new set of rank rewards for Series 6 will be available soon. But, that's not the highlight of this new season. So, let's get started on what we should be preparing for.


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First off, the famous Gunsmith. This Modern Warfare feature can be soon experienced in mobile too. Customize to your heart's content and show off your gun fashion with charms camos, and stickers. Speaking of guns, we're about to see a new one too (literally new to the game).


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This bad boy is our newest and first-ever marksman rifle in Call of Duty: Mobile - the Kilo Bolt-Action. It's part of the next season's battle pass. It has shorter reload time, faster firing speed than snipers, and great mobility. This gun has a lot of customization that you can change to fit your play style. This might dominate the medium to long distance shootout soon.


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This new map came from Call of Duty WWII. The Shipment 1944 will come as part of the new update in Season 9. It's a remake of Shipment from Modern Warfare created for COD WWII. The map is relatively small so expect a lot of action and exchange of throwing grenades. 4 other new maps named Pine, Terminal, Rebirth, and Breakdown are set to be released too.

Based from the Test Server, we've seen gameplays from Terminal, Pine, and Shipment already. We might see Breakdown and Rebirth gameplays soon.

With the release of new maps, the 10v10 mode will also be activated. Can you imagine 20 soldiers fighting in a small area? That's pure chaos and FUN! I think those are enough to excite you. No? Well, it ain't a new Season if they only prepared small gifts to keep us busy.


There will be changes in weapon progression in Season 9. This will sound confusing for now, but it will all be clear as soon as Season 9 hits. In the previous seasons, we struggled in upgrading skins separately. In Season 9, all weapons will have a category and XP system of their own. In that way, your guns in one category will share the same level.

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Due to these changes, weapons can now be upgraded beyond level 50. Of course, as you progress further, new attachments will be unlocked which will utilize the Gunsmith feature. And now, all the weapons are obtainable through grinding missions, level rewards, and free battle pass.


How about this? A new scorestreak called Shield Turret will take your aggressive play style in a higher level. Watch as place your turret in front of your enemies and see them hide, hopeless of retaliating against your Shield Turret.


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Isolated, the battle royale map of COD: Mobile, will get 4 new locations. Activision provided screenshots of Campgrounds, Dormitory, Outpost, and Radar Base. You can already know which is which based on their names. If you're interested in the BR updates, the full Battle Royal Update for Season 9 written by Andromeda will fill you in.


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Well, here comes the final confirmed part. We might get to see the Hacker class in action soon. Gameplays can already be seen on Call of Duty Mobile News & Leaks in Twitter.


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As for the leaks, we'll start with the possibility of zombie mode returning in the game. We all know that Zombie mode was removed back in March. But, data miners found a map called "Rebirth Island" including Richtofen, a main character from COD: Mobile Zombies, in the in-game files. It might be the Rebirth map that will be released soon. If this is correct, then it might be the zombie map from Call of Duty Black Ops 1.

Although this isn't confirmed and still a pure speculation, players who loved the zombie mode are hoping for its return.

Let's end here. This is months away from the today, but this made my excitement reach the highest level. Call of Duty: Mobile is approaching its 1st Anniversary and the Activision President is aware of it. If the speculation is right, the anniversary date will land on Season 10 or 11. Either way, the tweet is right - it might be the best season in COD: Mobile.


There are three more days left before Season 9 starts. Are you excited? Of course you are. And you should be. I may have not included the rank rewards here, but you can check the leaks and official announcements from @CODM_Updates and @PlayCODMobile on Twitter. All of the images above are credited to Activision. Well, that's it and I'll see you all in the battlefield!

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