Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Updates: What to Expect in Battle Royale Mode

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    The players here in the Philippines always has that genre that they can go into, We have our classics like First Person Shooters, Real Time Strategy and Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas, these are the common genres you can see in the mainstream industry. Therefore, if a game offers a lot of variety of genre they can offer, most will flock to the most popular. Call of Duty: Mobile is such an example, with various game modes, it seems the appeal of the game mostly comes through it's Battle Royale game mode since that game mode has been awhile now with PUBG: Mobile, Rules of Survival and other games such as Fortnite and Apex Legends. Well, BR will be expanding more in the upcoming season and we'll discuss what it has in store for us.


    Gunsmith Feature
    Have you always had that imaginative aspect of you that you wish you can modify weapons to your whim? Well, fret not as we have that feature coming in Season 9. It has been revealed as well. The Gunsmith will be a new feature that lets you modify your weapons that you can add different mods to make your weapon more powerful than ever. It will also be unique as it may be one of your special creations only and others have yet to adopt yours. Still, this will create an interesting set-up for players. This feature will be both inside and outside of BR game mode though, so rejoice!

    Preset Loadout

    Interestingly enough, you can bring your modified weapons in the battle royale mode. Of course, you won't get it quickly when you see the weapon however. Airdrops will be the solution for you! So make sure you do not miss an airdrop to make your gear ready and survive in the map longer than others.


    Intro Animation

    Dropping will now be more realistic as you will see other players drop and parachute in the map. This will make players be more vigilant on their drops and make sure that the team stays together as they might separate yet be caught in the ambush when they hit the ground. Map locations will also be shown when you arrived there. Making parachuting easier since you know where you are and how you can maneuver around it.

    Kill Effects

    Some weapons will have kill effects that will make your kills so much worth it. Although, do not be hyped already, this will only be on some weapons that will cater to these effects. So, if you like to have one, make sure you own the weapon and have it on your options.

    Water Effect Optimization

    Reality can be anything you want but with the game's problem with the water effects it becomes less immersive, well, the devs will be patching that up soon, so nice!

    New Drop Location

    New season, revamped map. The map will have additional drop locations that may help in you and your team's rotation, these will be
    Campground, Radar Base, Dormitory, and Outpost.

    With big and small updates, BR players will have a blast in Season 9. It is coming close and these updates will be a treat to the players, what are your thoughts in these updates? Tell us in the comments section!

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