Call of Duty Mobile Seasons 8 and 9 Leak

Call of Duty: Mobile players are enthralled to have a sneak peek at what to expect for seasons 8–9, including the exciting newest Mythic weapon and the return of a few in-game modes.


Ladies in Action: Season 8 Store

This activity will have a “Ladies in Action” theme for this week’s season 8 store offerings. And with that, the spot will be on female operator skins. The store will feature exciting draws to get a chance to win various skins and a lucky box that contains various items. These are the upcoming lucky draws and the possible items to obtain.
  • Carmine Overdrive Lucky Draw: This draw features the legendary Argus Carmine Flair and the Sparrowhawk Severed Fate that is set to release soon.
  • Jade Peacock Lucky Draw: This draw will feature the M16 Peacock Cry and the Shadowful Jade Peacock Skins.
  • Yokai Master Lucky Box: This lucky box is kind of not too worthy to redeem, but players may obtain the appealing Kitsune SKIMS skin.
  • Bonsai Master Lucky Box: This box presents a dazzling Mini Ice-Your-One skin.

A Sneak Peek into Season 9

There are a few leaks about the details of the CX9 SMG mythic skin set that will debut in season 9. While the details are not yet confirmed, it appears that this weapon could possibly be a snow-themed design laced with gold based on the color scheme found in the video leak. There's speculation that the mentioned design is similar to the Mythic Ritec AMR of the previous season.

In addition, it is confirmed that the Undead Siege mode of the game will return in season 9. It was initially posted, but it was immediately deleted. Fortunately, it’s officially coming back.

It is not yet confirmed whether the traditional round-based zombie gameplay will coexist with Undead Siege or if there will be an exclusive store for zombie enthusiasts. One thing is for sure: season 9 will be a thrilling season for Call of Duty Mobile players.

There are various leaks circulating on social media platforms regarding the coming seasons of Call of Duty Mobile. Although some of it might possibly be true, some of it also might be canceled. So, stay tuned for more updates to confirm these leaks.
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