Call of Duty: Mobile Step-by-Step Guide on How to Claim Free Legendary M4 Skin

A free Legendary M4 blueprint skin is part of the "Target Acquired" event that Call of Duty: Mobile just introduced. Due to a glitch, this event was postponed from its original February 8 release date alongside Season 2.


The Target Acquired event is currently live and will continue running till May 23rd. Players can obtain the free Legendary M4 blueprint "M4 - Black Gold Royal" by completing the following two objectives:
  1. Log in using your Call of Duty account
  2. Play 5 multiplayer matches

Unlock the Free Legendary M4 Skin in the Fastest Way Possible​

Update to the most recent version of COD Mobile, sign in with an Activision account that is linked, or register for a new Call of Duty account in order to finish the first mission. Play five matches in any multiplayer mode for the second task. It is advised to use the shipment map in Free-for-All mode to expedite match completion.


After completing both goals, go to the Events section's Featured tab and select the Legendary M4 skin from the Target Acquired event. After that, the skin can be outfitted using the Gunsmith loadouts. After signing in, you can get this permanent legendary weapon blueprint for free by winning a few rounds. Make the most of this offer before May 23rd rolls around!

About the M4 - Black Gold Royal Sin​

The M4 - Black Gold Royal, which was once offered as a premium blueprint, has excellent aesthetics. Despite being a free legendary skin, it is not nearly as good as the more recent legendary skins in the game, particularly when compared to DR-H - Kurohana. The M4 does, however, have a short grind that makes up for it and makes it simple for casual and novice players to unlock.

Like the majority of other legendary skins in the game, the gun also has a bespoke iron sight that improves eyesight when firing by reducing aim wobble and gun kick scale. Even still, the M4 is not the best option in the game and will find it difficult to compete in season 2 with the meta weapons.