Call of Duty: Mobile - Why players using gaming devices are receiving 10-year ban

Players of Call of Duty: Mobile (COD: Mobile) now have to contend with a new problem. After the season 5 update, there have been numerous complaints of players being banned from the game for using extra tools like Air Triggers, custom crosshairs, custom overlays, or game boosters. On other reports, the penalty can be as long as ten years. Although some of the prohibitions have been lifted after a while, experts advise gamers using gaming phones to proceed with caution and think about not playing the game right away.


Which devices are prone to getting banned in Call of Duty: Mobile?​

Activision has not officially addressed the matter, and it is unclear exactly which models are in danger of being banned. However, it appears that users who use ASUS ROG or Sony Xperia devices are more likely to experience issues. The anti-cheat system of the game, which can identify any third-party performance modifications utilized by users to enhance their in-game performance, is the main cause of these bans. Despite the fact that these improvements might not technically constitute hacking, anti-cheat software does.

Built-in gaming equipment has previously been questioned for maintaining the fairness and competitive integrity of the game. Additionally, certain equipment that provides these features is prohibited from use in competitive settings. Additionally, it hasn't been really obvious where the devs stand on the issue. It should be noted that Sony Xperia and Activision are working together as the official title sponsor of the current COD: Mobile World Championship. The device was also among the first to introduce 120 FPS and a large FOV for improved visual perspective in the game. We are interested to see what changes the developers will make to exempt these gameplay improvements from such punishments.