Call of Duty: Mobile’s Second Anniversary will be celebrated throughout the Season 8

In line with the celebration of Call of Duty: Mobile’s second anniversary, they have finally released the first-ever Call of Duty battle royale map, Blackout.


Blackout was first launched as a map in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. It was the largest map ever made in any Call of Duty game. Blackout was a combination of different maps the fans love such as Estate, Nuketown, Construction Site, and more. This map has returned solely for the second anniversary of the game. A tournament will also commence in the near future that will occur on the Blackout map.


The whole of Season 8 is dedicated for the festivities of Call of Duty: Mobile’s second anniversary and as such, players can play anniversary events throughout the whole season. There are three events available for the players that started on September 22: Anniversary Cake event, Anniversary Puzzle event, and Counterattack, which is a new themed event.


There are also 50 new battle pass tiers. Season 8 also brought new characters and they are Alias (Battleworn) and Velikan (Volcanic Ash). The other features are the new weapons like the R9-0 shotgun and M13 assault rifle, new blueprints, calling cards, Call of Duty Points and more.


Currently, the Battle Royale 2.0 is being enhanced to make the experience more immersing for the players. The Battle Royale 2.0 will also feature entirely new and upgraded graphics, a new weapon looting system, a new health and armour system, and UI elements for the vehicles.


The crash map from Call of Duty 4 is also coming in Call of Duty: Mobile. Improvements are currently being done to fit the features of mobile devices.


Happy 2nd Anniversary to Call of Duty: Mobile!