Call Of Duty Mobile's Zombies Mode is Finally Returning

A new announcement by the developers of Call of Duty Mobile, TiMi Studios, reveals the return of the long-awaited and most requested Zombies Mode back to the mobile game.

codm (1).jpg

In March last year, Zombies mode didn't meet the level of quality the team wanted and was removed from the game. But luckily, in a recent community update on Reddit, the developers revealed new in-game challenges, events, and new operators to its fans. Along with these additions, it has been announced that the popular game mode will finally be added back to the game later in the year.

“The first thing we’d like to address this week is something that is important to many players out there and always asked about every single week – ZOMBIES!” they wrote in the new community update.

The Zombies mode is still currently a work in progress and developers have stated that they are making progress. Shi No Numa, the original Zombies map, will soon become accessible to the Chinese version of Call of Duty Mobile, but there is no official date yet on when it will be available. The devs are also planning to release a new Zombies experience for other regions of the world later in 2021

This means that fans will have to wait a little bit for more information about the returning game mode to be released in the upcoming months, but the developers asked that they be patient with them.


On the other hand, the community update also revealed that the devs are releasing another public test build for Call of Duty Mobile which aims to improve the weapon balancing in the game and use player feedback to make appropriate changes. The player feedback will be used by the developers to improve the weapon balances for future Call of Duty Mobile updates.

The public test build will only be available for Android devices and has a player limit of 30,000 to 40,000. This gives players a chance to give their thoughts and opinions about the game's weapons.

The return of Zombies mode is definitely on it's way and fans are eager to see the classic game mode back in to the game. Although it is quite disappointing that players will have to wait for future updates about it, it is reassuring that the developers are listening to what the fans want and how fast they respond to game glitches.

Call of Duty Mobile is available on both Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS.