Call of Duty Warzone has Duos now! PC 

Guild of Guardians
That's right, call a friend, get your guns and max out your coordination skills as we are going to go 2v2v2v2... in this massive battlefield. Warzone will have a test of your skills and your patience against your friends, because Warzone will get a duos mode!

Asked a lot in the community, Duos mode lets you play a game together with another individual, making the squad number into two, therefore, duos. Raven Software Creative Director, Amos Hodge has been saying that this game mode has seen a long time coming and they are just waiting for the perfect time to execute this idea. Well, it seems the time is now...

For players who are sick of teaming up with randoms who are either a detriment or hindrance can now rely on a single ally that they have known for a long time and could even be a friend where they can coordinate with each other. Reliance on randoms is now a thing in the past IF you play in Duos.

However, this puts the pressure on the players to play well, not being in a 3 or 4 squad can damper the directions and places that you need to cover. Therefore, both needs their eyes peeled when things get dicey. Besides, a possible meta shift might happen as players are now limited in what operators they need to use to optimize their gameplay, this will bring interesting things to Warzone for the future.

In the end, meta or anything else, it should be all about fun, if you have fun playing with your friends than some internet teammate to secure a victory then it's well and good. What are your thoughts about this, tell us in the comments below!