Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile: How to fix "Unsupported GPU" error

With Warzone Mobile finally arriving on mobile devices, a lot of fans were excited to dive into the game. However, instead of having a great time, some fans were met with disappointment when their excitement vanished because of an unpleasant "Unsupported GPU" error message.

warzone mobile unsupported gpu.png

Though kudos to the developers for their efforts in optimizing the game before its release, it was unfortunately not enough as the issues still remained even after the game’s launch. Aside from the GPU error, it has been reported as well that some players also experienced lag, overheating, and even crashing during gameplay.

If you’re one of the players who has encountered or is encountering the "Unsupported GPU" error in Warzone Mobile, here’s what might have caused for the error to appear:
  • Your phone's GPU is below the required spec: If your device is equipped with a GPU that's lesser than the Adreno 618, it will result in compatibility issues since it cannot support the graphical demands of the game.
  • The game is not optimized for your device's GPU: Even if your device's GPU is equivalent to or better than the Adreno 618, the game might not yet be optimized to run with the specific GPU model of your device
To fix this error, you can first check your device's specifications to verify its GPU's model. You can get this information through the manufacturer's website or by using apps from the Google Play Store.

If you have found out that your GPU is below Adreno 618, you can take into consideration upgrading to another mobile device that exceeds the game's system requirements. Aside from ensuring the compatibility of the game with your device, it is also guaranteed that current and future Android games and applications that you might take an interest in will be compatible as well with your device.

However, if your GPU met or exceeded Adreno 618, you should wait for the developer’s update to improve the game’s compatibility with more devices, since it is not currently supported in Warzone Mobile. To know if the game is finally compatible with your device, you should keep an eye for official announcements from the game developers. Stay tuned!