Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Season 3 Reloaded update includes better graphics for lower end devices

The Season 3 Reloaded update for Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is now accessible on iOS and Android devices. A limited distribution of the game is currently available in places including Australia, Sweden, Chile, and Norway. By taking a few extra steps, players from all around the world can still participate in the game. Activision has included a number of new content updates, bundles, and other general updates in the latest version. However, COD Warzone Mobile's enhanced graphics and optimization are some that has won over enthusiasts.


Smoother Gameplay for all devices​

The game's graphics and device optimization have improved following the most recent Season 3 Reloaded update. The users have also noted that the in-game graphics and overall optimization of the game seem better, thus the modifications are pretty obvious. Mid-range devices can now run the game effectively at a frame rate of roughly 40.

The community was worried about Warzone Mobile when it was initially revealed since they didn't know if the game would be optimized for low- or mid-end smartphones or if it would be able to reproduce the graphics and gameplay of its PC and Console predecessors. Activision appears to have paid attention to the community's worries. Chris Plummer, the Co-Studio Head, said that the team are currently concentrating on streamlining the game by increasing frame rate and reducing crash rates.


In the video, he continued by saying that although the game does not currently have any graphics settings, they would be added in the future. Performance, battery life, frame rate, thermals, and visual fidelity are some important elements that will be impacted by the graphics settings. Activision has updated various game menus in addition to the graphics. The Main Hub, Main Menu, and Weapon Menu all now have updated user interfaces. After the upgrade, the menus seem completely different and well-optimized. Additionally, Activision has updated the game's gyroscope settings to let players take full advantage of the feature.

Activision has not yet disclosed the new name for the restricted release or the country's worldwide release date. However, according to the App Store, COD Warzone Mobile's anticipated release date has been moved to November 1st, 2023. As a result, the wait for updates from the developers will be lengthier. You can still pre-register your account, though, so that you can download the game as soon as it becomes available on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.