Call of Duty: Warzone Will Have John Rambo Onboard

On May 20th, Rambo and John McClane will enter the Warzone.


A short video posted on their official Twitter account, Call of Duty: Warzone teases fans that an incoming Rambo skin will be coming in the game. The video shows a player with a Rambo skin on waiting to kill an unsuspecting player that will run past the hiding spot the Rambo player was in. The weapon used was a bow with a flaming arrow that could be a new weapon in the game.

There aren’t any releases yet with John McClane skin as it seems that Activision wanted to prolong the intrigue to what the Bruce Willis character has in store for us. Warzone has already done this crossover event with the “Haunting of Verdansk event” that included the horror icons from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and SAW.

Warzone, Cold War, and CoD: Mobile are set for a 1980s action movie crossover event on May 20.