Call Of Duty WW2's Multiplayer Classes And Loadouts

August will be the start of Call of Duty: WWII Beta among other changes it switches to a A class with some divisions. There are five Divisions to choose from: Infantry, Expeditionary, Armored, Airborne, and Mountain. Each has different weapon options; for example, the basic Infantry loadouts can include the M1 Garand or the BAR.

Your progression is tied to your chosen Division and you level up certain abilities within each, but you can also switch at any time. The game's multiplayer introduces a new mode called War that's similar to Battlefield 1's Operations mode. It features narrative-driven, objective-based combat inspired by real WWII battles and is more about strategy than other Call of Duty modes. Of course, Team Deathmatch, Domination, and other popular multiplayer game types are returning.

source via COD Website