Can I play Mobile Legends in 512 ram?


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Jul 14, 2018
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Sa mga nagtatanong if pwedeng malaro ang Mobile Legends sa phone na may 512 na ram ang simpleng sagot ay oo posible.

Pero malag at mabagal, eto ang recommended specs ng Mobile Legends

in English baka may foreigner jan "You can run Mobile Legends with 512 gb of ram in some cases but not all devices also if you manage to run the game it will lag like hell, the game assets won't load fast enough as there is not much ram space for the app to work with"

Mobile Legends System Requirements (Minimum Recommended)
  • Android 4.0+,
  • 1G RAM
  • 4-Core CPU
Pero ulit oo puro pero, everytime may bagong update ang game babagal ng babagal kasi nag iiba mga game assets