Candy Crush Saga iOS Mod

Discussion in 'Apple iOS' started by DotaPH, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. DotaPH

    Hardcore Gamer

    Hi Pinoy Hackers and modders here are instructions and video to modify your Candy crush game

    1. Unlimited lives
    2. Infinite moves(The number of moves wont change so if u do not turn off this you will never end the game )
    3. Score multiplier(the score will be multiplied from 1to 10 times)

    Take note this is only for iOS users, and you will require the following:
    1. Jailbroken iDevice
    2. Cydia Substrate
    3. xmodgames

    Instructions for Installation in iDevice:
    1. Tap software sources.
    2. Tap “EDIT” then click “Add”.
    3. Enter Cydia/APT URL
    4. Install xmodgames.
    5. Launch the app.
    6. Enjoy you now have a modified Candy Crush

    Below is an instruction video
  2. Excalibur

    Hardcore Gamer

    uso paba ito?

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