Capcom announces the Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary Exhibition Merchandise

As the Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary: The Great Hunting Exhibition is getting nearer, Capcom has revealed the detailed merchandise items that will be available during the celebration.

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The upcoming anniversary will be held at the Mori Arts Center Gallery in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo and it will commence on July 19, 2024 until September 8, 2024.

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Here is the full lineup of the merchandise items that will be available at the Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary exhibition:
  • MH Rise: Sunbreak Character Acrylic Stand (20 available) – 1,700 yen (PHP 613.17)
  • Monster Acrylic Stand Collection Mini (20 available) – 900 yen (PHP 324.62)
  • Monster Pin Collection (10 available) – 900 yen (PHP 324.62)
  • Yama Tsukami Cushion – 4,400 yen (PHP1,587.04)
  • 20th Anniversary Monster Choice Hand Towel – 1,800 yen (PHP 649.24)
  • Felyne Data T-shirt – 3,900 yen (PHP1,406.69)
  • Hunter’s Choice Top 3 Monster T-shirt – 4,400 yen (PHP1,587.04)
  • Khezu Zipper T-shirt – 6,600 yen (PHP2,380.56)
  • Great Hunting Exhibition Cookies – 1,300 yen (PHP 468.90)
  • Item Chest-style Poach – 1,800 yen (PHP 649.24)
  • Potion/Cool Drink Ice Pack – 750 yen (PHP 270.52)
  • Exhibition Official Illustration Book – 3,850 yen (PHP1,388.66)
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Earlier in June of this year, Capcom has already teased the fans of the game that a replica of the Mizutsune monster long sword will be on display during the anniversary exhibition. Joining as one of the attractions, the others include the Black Dragon Attack, a sculpture recreating the emblematic Fatalis Elder Dragon, and more. There is also a collaboration cafe where the featured foods and drinks are inspired by various monsters from the series.

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