Capcom relaunches Monster Hunter Nergigante Figure

Capcom has announced that they will be relaunching the Nergigante figure from their Capcom Figure Builder Creators Model series. This reprint edition of the figure is now available to be pre-ordered through the official e-Capcom store for a price of 22,000 yen (around PHP 8,000). The delivery is scheduled starting on January 30, 2025.
monster hunter nerigante.jpg

For the uninitiated, Nergigante is an elder dragon from Monster Hunter World who is known for its terrifying spine-covered appearance. This terrifying monster took the second spot in the Hunter’s Choice popularity poll, with Zinogre getting the first place, during the Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary Showcase.

The Nergigante figure was sculpted by Takayuki Higashi. Nergigante can be seen perched atop a pillar from Elder’s Recess, the location where most players got to meet the monster. Made from PVC and ABS materials, it measures approximately 320mm high (12.6 inches), 300mm wide (11.8 inches), and 280mm deep (11 inches).
monster hunter nerigante 1.jpg
monster hunter nerigante 2.jpg

Aside from Nergigante, Capcom will also re-release figures of other popular monsters such as Rathalos and Rathian.