Carlo Acutis Gamer Saint? Alanah Pearce Situational Disability, First Descendant Mixed Reviews, Zelda Master Sword Replica Arrest, Blacklist, etc

In our recent gaming podcast, Filipino gamers talk about the Patron Saint of Gamers Carlo Acutis, The First Descendant Mixed Reviews, Alanah Pearce Kids Situational Disability, Dota 2 Team cost according Kuku, Zelda Master Sword Replica Arrest, Cybertruck PC, Blacklist International Wise and OhMyV33NUS Resignation, HoK Invitational Mid Season Prizepool, and Agnostiko ORIGINS.


Blacklist International Departure
There seems like an exodus on Blacklist International Because recently it was announced that YUE and Edward are leaving Blacklist. But wait there's more. In a recent post of OhMyV33NUS on Facebook, she said the following. “So I left Tier One Entertainment and Blacklist International because I knew I would settle if I chose to stay. When it’s time to go, you can feel it.” It seems like the decision to leave was not taken lightly as she continued by saying “I realized something very important in my life that I want to share, which is why I no longer feel anxiety about life transitions,”. Wise has submitted his resignation with the following content "Bounce na ko mga ssob @Blacklist International, matsala sa all." With this departure what's going to happen to Blacklist International?

Honor of Kings Invitational Midseason
So last week we talked about the HOK Invitational S2 Prize Pool is $300,000 USD which is approximately 17.5 Million PHP. But recently the HoK Invitational Midseason 2024 prize pool was revealed and it was 3 Million USD. Which is approximately 175 million pesos. Basically for 3rd and 4th place it's 250,000 USD or around 14.6 million pesos. 2nd place is 500,000 USD or around 29 million pesos. The first place is 1,000,000 USD or around 58.5 million pesos. If you are interested the vent will start on Aug 1 2024 with the 12 best teams around the world.

Agnostiko Origins
Recently a Pinoy metroidvania game featuring Filipino mythical creatures called Agnostiko ORIGINS has been announced. A Filipino Metroidvania game that features Filipino Folklore like Aswang, Kapre, Tikbalang, Manananggal, duwende, whitelady and more. The game is set in 1890's steampunk Philippines. where there are mysterious monsters roaming around Manila. Agnostiko ORIGIN is Inspired by the 90s 16-bit art style. The game is developed by Singles Alliance Leoned Andrew Tumbaga from Bulacan. So if you are interested the game is available on the Nintendo store

Cybertruck PC
How do you measure a computer's fast? Apparently the Cybertruck-themed Mini-PC showcased at Computex is becoming a reality it will be called the Xyber XPC, a mini PC on wheels! Also dubbed as the World's Fastest Ryzen 7 Mini PC Truck. All doors, bonnet, and trunk open like a real car. The front headlight is a real LED that indicates if the system is running. The company has confirmed that the system will be powered by an AMD Ryzen 7 APU. Powered by Ryzen 8845HS CPU with up to 64GB DDR5 4TB SSD. If you are interested it's on Indiegogo, unfortunately, the price remains undisclosed. We also don't know if it will drive.

Gamer Saint
Are there any gamers or influencers out there hoping to become a saint? Apparently the Catholic Church is preparing to canonize Carlo Acutis. Apparently he died from leukemia in 2006 at the age of 15, however, he was renowned for using his computing skills to spread awareness of the Catholic faith and earned the nickname “God’s influencer.”

Additionally in order to become a saint you need to have two miracles attributed to you, which he accomplished in 2019 or 2020 a Brazilian boy with a pancreatic defect was cured following his mother's prayers to Acutis. Next is a a Costa Rican girl who suffered a serious head injury where her mother also prayed and then made a full recovery,

Most websites like CNN, IGN, GosuGamers, and more are saying that he will be a “first gamer saint”. However, people are saying that this is clickbait since he's basically more of an influencer. But there is a link because according to CNN he is remembered by friends and family as enjoying playing video games such as Halo, Super Mario, and Pokémon. So counted? And due to being a gamer in life, he was called the "first saintly gamer" you now literally pray to RNGesus

That's it the date for his canonization is yet to be set, however, although it is likely to occur at some point during the Catholic Church’s jubilee year celebrations in 2025.

The First Descendant Reviews
If you like Destiny or Warframe, the Free to play 1st Descendant has been officially released it even managed to hit 200k players and according to GamesRadar, it has dethroned Elden Ring as a Steam top seller. Not sure why a free to play game is a top seller, maybe because of the micro transactions but sure

Did you play? It looks good? Unfortunately it's not all sunshine and rainbows for The First Descendent, Because currently it has mixed reviews. So why mixed reviews? According to Sportskeeda. Since the game is running on Unreal Engine 5 the game has poor performances and technical issues. To be fair the servers where fine during launch compared to blizzard games.

So some of the technical issues are fps drops and random crashes. People are also getting steam mismatch and video memory error which is apparently a common issue on UE5 good thing this can be fixed with hot fixes

The next big problem that might get worse is the microtransactions, the game has alot of skins to buy. Some are also comparing that it's 20x more expensive than Warframe specifically the mod capacity. Well that's what we expect on a free to play game? So will you play or did you play the First Descendant, what are your thoughts let us know in the comments.

Alanah Pearce Situational Disability
Do you know Alanah Pearce? However recently she published a video called Elden Ring DLC is “Too Hard” (it's not). She mentioned that she is now king for an easy mode and that isn’t the intent. The video talks about mainly in regards to the types of disability where gaming is concerned. She mentioned long-term disabilities those where you just have to leave with temporary disabilities like sprains, or injuries that will still heal.

However, people are more concerned when she talks about “situational disabilities”. Alanah Pearce says It counts as a disability where Elden Ring is concerned if you have a kid. You have a 2-year-old, you’re trying to play Elden Ring, and you can’t pause. She continued, “You may need to pause to stop your kid from putting a fork into a socket, a power outlet.” People interpret this as having a kid is a “situational disability”. As parents, Tito or Titas do you think this is true? What the fact are “situational disabilities”?

Zelda Master Sword Arrest
To all the girls out there is 6 inches big enough? Let me rephrase is a 6-inch master sword from Zelda big? Because according to GameRant a man from England has been sentenced to four months in prison. This is for carrying a miniature replica of The Master Sword from Zelda. One commenter on Facebook said From Zelda to Selda. The master sword he was wielding had a button that could be released from the sheath.

So what happened? According to Warwickshire Police, on June 8 48-year-old Anthony Bray was caught on CCTV walking down while holding his 6-inch object this is where the police were made aware.

Bray approached officers with the blade visible, at which point he was arrested according to the description he was brandishing the sword his excuse was it was a “fidget toy” to keep his hands busy, coz most boys play with their 6-inch swords. According to the police the sword could be perceived as threatening. Then on June 28, he was sentenced to 4 months in prison. So the lesson of the story?

Dota 2 Team Cost
How much does it cost to build a Dota team? Do you have an idea? released an article on how much a Dota team could cost in the Philippines. So their source was the Dota player Kuku who shared this information on a live stream. Let's start with the capital and operating Expenditures
  • Computers and equipment - P100,000 per PC (multiply by five since there are five members in a Dota 2 team) = P500,000
  • Rent - P40,000/month for a two-bedroom condominium
  • Food and electricity - P100,000/month
  • Housekeeper's salary - P15,000/month
Now let's go to the player salaries, according to the article from Kuku’s sample list
  • Hard Carry - P120,000/month
  • Midlane - P200,000/month
  • Offlane - P250,000/month
  • Roaming support - P400,000/month
  • Hard support - P500,000/month
That's like 1,470,000 a month, so in a whole year 17,640,000 php and you know the best part Kuku highlighted that this amount is considered thrifty

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