Casual Battle Royale: Battlepalooza offers a new way to play BR games Android 

People who play battle royale usually has that stingy aura of "must-win" and "laser-focused" type of players who will get pissed at you when you lose at a game and while we cannot blame those who are doing so since the battle royale genre has been known to be a very competitive game for a lot of people, one game plans to break the mold and try something new for once. Enter Battlepalooza.


What is Battlepalooza, you ask? Simple, it is an upcoming game made by nWay, a subsidiary of Animoca. The game will not be your usual BR game, from the mechanics and the way it is played, you might not think it is a Battle Royale game, but it is! Whilst you play with RPG and MOBA style of game, you are going to be fighting with 24 players to vie for victory in a match. Also with Battlepalooza, there's a lot of things involved than just skill, you don't need to focus much on your reaction time, it's all about good fun especially since this is a top-down battleground. It's interesting how skills could be employed here.

Finally, with weapons such as a gravity bomb, cannon bots, invisibility gear, drones, warp potions, barricades, and more, only fun and mayhem comes there and I could not wait to see how much fun the game would be when hitting Google Play Store soon at December 10.