Catalyst Black's Early Access Program Will Start Soon

Super Evil Megacorp, the developer behind Vainglory, recently announced Catalyst Black as its new game. Using their very own E.V.I.L engine which is built to power mobile MOBA, Super Evil claimed that Catalyst Black will signal the next generation of mobile gaming. This top-down shooter mobile game was previously known as Project Spellfire when it was first introduced in November of 2019.

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It received a lot of positive feedback from the players of their initial test game called Maskborne last May. As soon as it was pulled out from the public, its official title was announced as Catalyst Black. It's a revolutionary top-down shooter mobile game with unique gameplay. If you loved Vainglory's smooth animation and controls, then you'll definitely love this game too.

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The game offers a wide variety of customization depending on your taste and preferred playstyle. You'll be able to choose your loadout from weapons to active and passive abilities. A unique feature of this game is your ability to temporarily transform into a Primal God using a specific kind of mask.

And, of course, you can also customize your chosen primal god mask's active and passive abilities. Based from their video, there are two known Primal God you can transform into - Sunder and Issiah.

Another unique feature of this game is what the developers called Drop-in, Drop-out system wherein you can instantly join your friend's game and play together, or leave the game immediately for any reason. You no longer need to wait for your party or prepare for match making time. This is still kind of confusing, but we'll see how it goes when the game is officially released. This game will include teams of 10 and neutral monsters that you can kill.

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Right now, the game is preparing for the next test. They're giving out Early-Access to those who want to join their Secret Service Program. To get a spot in their program, you'll need to win in their daily raffles. Do take note that this program is currently strictly ONLY for iOS users. So before you try and apply for a spot, make sure that you have an iOS device.

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Image credit to Catalyst Black Official Discord Server
If you're interested in joining the daily raffle of their program's spot, you can check out their Discord invite from their Catalyst Black's official site. After you joined their Discord server, you can simply follow the steps above to officially join the raffle. The daily raffle will begin on August 12 and the bot will randomly pick a lucky winner every 12 hours. If you're lucky to be picked as one of their Secret Service Agent, you'll receive the founding member status and the chance to access the game completely.

There's no official date for the global release yet. But according to their Super Evil Megacorp's site, they're aiming to globally release the game by late 2020. Let's all hope that we can play this awesome game soon.