Celebrate the Holiday Festivities with Call of Duty: Mobile in Season 11 - Siren Song!

Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM) kickstarts its winter festivities with the launch of Season 11 - Siren Song! As the new season unfolds, immerse yourself in the holiday-themed mayhem, plant Holiday trees and earn rewards in Battle Royale, and engage in thrilling festive events and matches.


Season 11 Highlights:
  1. S11 Battle Pass: Unbox exclusive rewards and gear up with the Epic Lerch - Chemical Santa and his Epic Groza - Final Gift
  2. Winter Wonders: Discover the 2x COD Points Event and amazing deals this holiday season 3. New Content: New Map, Weapons, Operator skills, and the launch of the Kurohana Crate for a free Legendary weapon
  3. For the first time ever, two new Mythic Draws in 1 season: Check out the Mythic Siren - Siren Song and her Legendary BK57 - Spectral Song
  4. Catch our region’s representative, POWERHOUSE, in the CODM World Championship 2023 Finals from 15 to 17 December
Season 11 - Siren Song Battle Pass

Elevate your gaming experience with the launch of exciting new character and weapon skins in Season 11 - Siren Song Battle Pass! With weapons and characters donned in festive holiday attire and skins, this iconic Battle Pass is a must-have for all CODM fans!
  • Unlock the new Groza weapon for free in Tier 21 of the Battle Pass. Other free tier highlights include a variety of camos and the new operator skill - Misdirection Device.
  • Purchase the Battle Pass for new items like Groza - Final Gift and Operator Lerch - Chemical Santa.
  • Celebrate this merry season with the Ground Forces, featuring the Epic Shigenori - Bone Chiller and Kilo 141 - Danger Skater.
  • The Battle Pass Vault will also bring back the popular 2022 Season 5: Tropical Vision BP. Season 11 Battle Pass trailer: Link
S11 BP endcard 1920x1080.jpg

Winter Wonders: Unwrap amazing deals this holiday season
  • 2x COD Points Event: Earn up to 100% COD Points bonus and seize the opportunity to enhance your arsenal. Don’t miss out on this limited-time event, which is only available from 7 Dec 2023, 8 AM till 8 Jan 2024, 7.59 AM!
  • 12 days of deals: Celebrate this festive season with special discounts on weapons, skins, and more. Grab the best deals as we approach the end of the year!
  • Take part in highly anticipated new and returning lucky draws that will make you the king of the battlefield as you slay with style.
New Miami Blitz MP map, Free Legendary Kurohana Weapon, and New Skills

Explore Southern Florida in the new Miami Blitz MP map, featuring snow spray trucks, lantern trees, and bell deer loaded with gifts. Capture the festive atmosphere and gather your friends in-game for a sweet holiday photo in this new map!

S11_New Map.jpg

The highly anticipated Kurohana Crate has finally been unlocked! Players* who have worked hard throughout the ranked seasons can now collect a FREE Legendary weapon DR-H - KUROHANA - 68. *Players must have collected 6 Legendary Medals and 4 confidential tokens to unlock this reward.

At the same time, players can join the battle with new weapons and operator skills:
  • Get the new AR, Groza, boasting a high rate of fire, equipped with pragmatic style attachments for high mobility and sustained firepower.
  • Equip the Ballistic Knife, a spring-action knife that can be fired as a projectile and switched to a melee attack when blades run out.
  • Unlock the new operator skill, Misdirection device, which emits special sound waves that impair one's auditory functions, completely hiding the user's sound and causing enemies in range to hear fake sources of noise.
1080_groza (1).jpg
1080_Ballistic Knife (1).jpg

2 New Mythics in 1 Season!

This season, experience the first-ever occurrence of two Mythic Draws, introducing the Phantom’s Keep Mythic Drop and the Siren’s Song Mythic Drop!
  • The Phantom’s Keep Mythic Drop launches the mighty Mythic Grau 5.56 - Phantom’s Core and the Epic Foxtrot - Unseen Angel!
  • A once-in-a-century winter storm has unleashed in Season 11 - Siren Song. The hero of the season, Siren, has recently escaped the clutches of a secret government assassin training program bankrolled by Atlas. Now she’s on the loose and ready to fight. The powerful Mythic Siren - Siren Song and her Legendary BK57 - Spectral Song are here!
CODM World Championship 2023

16 teams, 7 regions, 1 World Championship Trophy. The stage is set, the players are ready, and the fans are waiting to see how it all goes down from 15 - 17 December in Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, USA. Which team will bring home the largest slice of the USD 1 million prize pool?

Official WC 2023 trailer here

Through intense hard-fought battles, 2 Garena teams have reserved their well-deserved spot in this finals.
POWERHOUSE: Starring players from Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines

KAGENDRA: Starring players from Indonesia

Now is the time for all fans and players in the region to band together and show our support for POWERHOUSE as they fight for the ultimate glory - The Championship Trophy. Now is the time to BRING. IT. HOME.

Preheat WC 2023 (3).jpg
prizepool (1).jpg
teams (1).jpg

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See you there, Soldiers!

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