Celebrity Love Team LizQuen Spotted In Eric "Eruption" Tai's Mobile Legends Stream

I'm not really a fan of Filipino loveteams but LizQuen is an exception. I really fell on their Forevermore debut. But, for now, let's focus on how did Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil ended up in Eric "Eruption" Tai's Mobile Legend Stream on Facebook a few days ago. From being Kapamilya stars, is LizQuen switching over to a streaming career?

Celebrity Love Team LizQuen.png

You're probably updated to the news and you might have seen the recent issue between Liza and PLDT services. Well, I can't deny how simp PLDT sounds while reading their reply to Liza Soberano's tweet. But, enough of that. Let's just enjoy this one, shall we?

As you can see in the image above, it's the one and only LizQuen, together with Eruption in his own stream. The stream ran almost 5 hours straight with a live Q&A in the beginning. LizQuen answered questions from the fans in the comment section. When asked who their favorite character is, Liza answered with Karrie while Enrique answered with X-Borg, Jawhead, Uranus, and Franco.

The ML community was quite surprised with the LizQuen's sudden appearance after months of silence due to the pandemic. And let me tell you this - ERUPTION'S CAPTION WAS TRUE! Liza did carry games using Karrie. I guess you can't really judge the player with his or her rank after all. Liza is in Grandmaster's rank with an in-game name of MissGuided.


You might be surprised if I tell you that these two are also dominating Call of Duty: Warzone on the console and Liza is a REAL gamer. Back in 2013, she tweeted "#50ThingsAboutMe I like playing video games". She used to play a lot of Nintendo games when she was still a young kid. And for those who don't know, Liza and Enrique are in a real relationship and they're about to celebrate another anniversary this coming October.

Now, let's go back to the first question - will they have their own streaming page?

Liza Soberano simply answered, “We always have time for gaming.

I'll just take it as a maybe-yes type of answer. They're great as a couple and gaming duo, that's for sure. If they decided to go ahead and stream on their own page, their fans will really be delighted to see both of them enjoying games. Besides, we might see a collaboration between them and other celebrity streamers out there if they did.

With this pandemic still going on, we might see more and more celebrities make their way into streaming and gaming. Who knows? We might even see KathNiel or other celebrities in the future too. Well, how about you? Do you have any celebrity in mind that you'd like to see in gaming streams in the future? Tell us your thoughts below.