Celeste: A Brief Review


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Aug 14, 2018
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Platformer genre has seen a revival in recent years, partly due to the existence of platforms that allow independent game developers to showcase their games. And we've seen a bunch of great platformers that have made Steam Best Games List every year. Games like Hollow Knight, Cuphead and MeatBoy Forever have found a big following as they bring in new and fresh ideas infused in a heart-pumping, non-stop action-packed game.

Celeste is no different in terms of difficulty. Despite its tame look that is the result of adopting pixel graphics, this game will demand absolute perfection.


Pixel graphics are the go-to graphics style for a lot of indie game developers out there as it is simple and versatile, which in turn helps developers to realize the game that they wanted to build. Celeste takes advantage of the updated version of the graphics format, as it layers itself with beautiful aesthetics of pixel graphics and other graphics techniques flawlessly. Everything in Celeste is detailed and beautifully rendered. Little details in a certain level or maze would leave players dazed from the serene and ethereal ambiance it brings, as well as levels that depict a harsh landscape that will engulf you if you're not careful.


The gameplay is tight. Celeste is not an easy game. It requires players to masterfully execute combos as you traverse each subsequently difficult puzzle levels. And sometimes, you'll have your demon self chasing after you as you try to clear the level. Basically, you'll be dying a lot in this game. The main objective consists of you controlling Madeline, to grab floating strawberry that would be perched in the most unreachable part of each puzzle. The game is forgiving in the sense that when you die, you could restart the same level again and again till you pass it.


You control Madeline, a simple girl/mountaineer who wants to climb a mountain. And within that straightforward plot, lies intricate nougat of self-discovery and struggles with negative states of mind. As gamers, we crave a good story to motivates us further into the game, and Celeste weaved in a story that hits home as it talks about real life struggles that some of us go through. And the mountain itself serves as a metaphor of life, the harsh climb towards the top. Will you lose yourself in despair or will you put everything aside to accomplish that one goal?


It wasn't a surprise when Celeste won The Game Award for Best Independent Game in 2018 as it deserves every bit of it. Tight gameplay, beautiful graphics and a believable story that carries the same weight to the real life which gives an experience unlike any other games out there. Celeste is surprise hit that is an absolute delight. If you enjoy adventure platformer, give it a try today!
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Jul 25, 2019
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