Celestial Dragon Nest 2019


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Apr 10, 2019
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Hi Adventure Come and join us in the newest private server of dragon nest!
It's balanced, 99% bug-free server almost as close as the official server of Dragon Nest!

You do not need to donate to get end game gear!
The game server is located in Asia but everyone can play it worldwide!

Latest server content:
All the spin off currently updated up to Bleed Phantom!
Every character has Awakened!

Game info:
1) All the skills updated in the game almost has no error
2) Free gacha boxes called G-boxes are available in game
3) Safe enhancement up to +15 (the max is +20)
4) Many costumes that are available in game!
5)Free Coupon Every Random get item or EC
6)Fishing get DC or item

Link Register : https://www.celestialdn.net/Register
Link Facebook : https://web.facebook.com/CelestialDn.net/

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