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Jul 7, 2019
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Celestial Fate is a fantasy ARPG 3D mobile game based on ancient Chinese novel, Journey to the West. The game is fair, simple and easy to play. You can experience different kinds of excitement every second in this game. Created by a professional team in the industry with powerful engine, every attack, combo attack and displacement skills are calculated precisely in order to present real ARPG combat experience. This game is the new definition of mobile game PK. Its scenic background and immersive story are going to take you back to the ancient dynasty of Tang and embark on the oriental odyssey!

Play Celestial Fate on PC

Find it hard to play Celestial Fate on your mobile phone? Consider it fixed, here’s a way to play our game using your favorite desktop/laptop.

Step 1: Install an Android Simulator software
We recommend Bluestacks for its easy interface. Visit the website to download it: http://bluestacks.com and begin installation progress. You may need to create a Google Play Store account if you don’t have one.

Step 2: Obtain game APK file
Visit (website to download APK) and download Celestial Fate APK file.

Step 3: Once you have the file on your device, right click on the file and choose “Open with Bluestacks APK Installer” and it will begin the installation.

Trial Dungeon

1. When player reaches Lv. 41, system will auto unlock the Endless Trial Dungeon.
2. The Endless Trial Dungeon is a multi stage dungeon, clearing each stage for the first time will obtain first clear rewards. Some stage grants cool and powerful title (adding stats and CP).
3. Each stage can be challenged once per day, cleared stage may be purged to quickly earn the rewards, resets 2400 daily.

Gear Dungeon

1. Reaches Lv. 45 to challenge the Gear Dungeon.
2. Clearing the dungeon has chance to drop appearance gear, clearing the dungeon for the first time will obtain first clear rewards.
3. Cleared dungeon can be done by using the “purge all” function.

EXP Pool

1. Reaches Lv. 52 to unlock EXP Pool gameplay.
2. When the pool is full the player will be able to claim the EXP shown, up to 6 time per day, Diamond VIP will have extra 3 times to claim.
3. Able to choose from free claim (grants 1x EXP) or spend sycee to claim 2x of the EXP, players that fulfill the VIP level can claim 1.5x EXP for free.

72-Change Dungeon
  1. 72-Changes Dungeon has a total of 6 floors, and each floor has 8 small stages + 1 Treasure stage.
  2. Player can challenge any four small cleared stages every day. Clear the stages to unlock the Treasure Stage.
  3. If the player fails the challenge in the Dungeon, player can choose to exit the dungeon and continue again later until win.
  4. Increased CP can continually unlock the small stages and the Treasure Stage.
  5. The daily stages clearance record will be cleared at 24:00 on the same day.

VIP Dungeon

1. Player is able to obtain access permission of certain VIP Treasure at certain VIP level.
2. Each level of VIP Treasure can be challenged by player for once, and reset at 00:00 daily.
3. Player can obtain EXP, Skill Book, Enhance Gem, Bound Sycee and so on after the stage has cleared.

God Soul Dungeon

1. There are totally 8 floors in God Soul Dungeon, and each floor has 30 stages.
2. Each stage can be challenged once. Player is unable to challenge the same stage twice on the same day.
3. Player can leave the dungeon and challenge again if failed to challenge the previous stage.
4. Player can obtain the rewards by purging all cleared stage in the next day.
5. Stage cleared record will be reset at 24:00 daily.

Heaven Palace

[Event Unlocks]
1. Player can participate in the Heaven Palace Raid event upon reaching Lv. 50
2. The event period is at 12:00~12:30 and 18:00~18:30 daily.

[Event Introduction]
1. Complete the event quests can receive the abundant EXP rewards
2. Every 5 minutes, the Cosmic Beast will be refreshed in the scene randomly, the player can proceed by tapping on the BOSS on the left tab and above the chat
3. Kill the randomly to receive kill rewards and refresh the Chest in the scene. While collecting the Chest that may contain rewards

C.S Tower Defense Dungeon

1. Players of Lv. 80 and above are eligible to challenge Tower Defense Dungeon.
2. Player must create a team to enter multi-player dungeon or join other player’s team to challenge. One team can have up to 3 members.
3. Daily maximum challenge chances are 3 times, clearing any level of Tower Defense dungeon will deduct chances.
4. Success challenge grants abundant rewards.
5. There are total 20 waves of mobs in Tower Defense dungeon, player need to ensure base will not be destroyed and defeat all mobs.

Multi-P Dungeon

1. Player is able to challenge Multi-P Dungeon at Lv. 50.
2. Player has to create a team or join other player’s team to challenge dungeon. Only 3 players can challenge the dungeon together.
3. Multi-P Dungeon can be challenged by 50 times daily; The chances will be deducted by challenging any level of dungeon.
4. Player can obtain Practice Point by challenging dungeon, and able to exchange any material in Practice Pt. Shop.
5. Player has chances to loot any appearance gear in dungeon.

Shaytan Arena

1.Reach Lv. 50, to join the Empyreal PVP event.
2.Event period: 19:00 - 19:30 daily.


1. Players will be divided into two camps and fight against each others.
2. Players will automatically gain points for every 10 seconds in the scene, killing enemy players and NPC will also grant points.
3. Killing streaks and ending other player’s killing streak will gain extra points.
4. When the point reaches a certain target, rewards will be automatically granted.
5. The progress bar on the top represents the camp points, when one of the camp’s bar is filled or depleted, event will be ended, the camp with the highest point wins.
6. Rewards are given according to ranking, the No. 1 player will receive extra title rewards.

Quiz Event

[Event Start]

1.Reach Lv. 50 to participate in Quiz Contest event.
2.Event period: 12:35 - 12:45 daily.


1. After entering the stage, player will move to different location depending on the question title and the given choice. If the player stands at the correct location when the result is announced, rewards will be given.
2. There are a total of 30 questions. Player may tap “Follow top candidate” to follow the No.1 player on the current ranking when choosing answer.
3. EXP Rewards and points will be given regardless of the question result.
4. Rewards will be given according to the ranking when event ends.
5. The No.1 on the Quiz Ranking will obtain an exclusive title.

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