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Jul 7, 2019
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Celestial Fate is a huge 3D, Journey to the West type ARPG fantasy mobile game. The game is fair, simple, and easy to learn, bringing you endless new exciting experience. It uses a new and cool engine, developed by a professional team, combining real physics with knock back, combo, and maneuvering skills, providing an ARPG battle that you’ve never tried before, giving a new definition to mobile game PK. With the beautiful scene and graphics, player will surely find themselves back in time, experiencing the Tang dynasty like never before!

The journey once before, looking from the top, actually lighted up one and another guidepost, and by connecting all guidepost, it forms a vein, indicating how the power of the West has spread, dispelling evil and helping all mortals in it’s path! And the endless incense offerings has strengthen the power of the Buddhism more, making it more pure and divine!
But this journey is not an easy one, to preventing the other religion from growing out of hand, Buddhists and Taoists has been preventing the other from spreading their teaching, until one came out of nowhere, broke the balance, and made Buddhism successful! The Taoists suffers a long time for this happening.

Now, it seems like the chance of the Taoists has came, as the Ninth Yeti has injured hard when trying to fight for being the Demon Lord of the Starland, and came to the Dvipa by accident, searching for allies to launch a counter attack. If the Taoists combine their forces with the Ninth Yeti and the others, the Buddhists will be in great harm. Taoists gave Buddhists their choice, either to join them, or pass over the incense offerings in the South State that made Buddhists so strong.

And you were living in one of the streets within the South State. One day, a bright light that cameout from nowhere shines across the endless dark skies, surrounds and covered every inches on your body...... it felt like a light feather, a catkin, a cloud, a snow, and within you came the endless chants and whispers of the nature, majestic powers filled your body! It was then the 1st ley line of the 9thwas born. Everything starts from somewhere, and from you, the story begins……

Store System

Unlock Condition: Character reaches Lv. 1
Function Location: Enter the store interface by tapping on the “Store” icon on the lower right of the main interface

Function Intro

Store Composition

The mall includes Sycee, Bound Sycee Store and four Exchange Store that includes the Practice, Training, Merit, and Prestige. Players can purchase the items directly from the Purchase Store by consuming Sycee and Bound Sycee. While only the corresponding points will be consumed in order to exchange the items in the Exchange Store.
Source to obtain points

Different points are obtained in different ways. The main sources are as follows:
Practice: Obtained by participating in the Team Dungeon and Quiz Contest
Training: Obtained by participating in the Ranked Arena event
Merit: Obtained by participating in the C.S. Ranked Match event
Prestige: Obtained by participating in the Shaytan Arena event

Character Interface

A. Achievement System
1. Unlock Condition: Character reaches Lv. 1
2. System Portal: Character >> Info >> View Achievement
3. System Introduction

i. Overview
The character achievement is divided into 9 chapters, each chapter contains multiple achievement quests. The difficulty will increase after the accomplishment of each chapter. Completion of the achievement quests can receive Achievement pts and Bound Sycee rewards. Complete all the achievement quests in a single chapter can receive a Title reward.

ii. Achievement Points
Achievement points can be obtained by completing any achievement quest. The higher the difficulty of the achievement quest, the more achievement points can be obtained. Achievement points can be used to increase achievement levels.

iii. Achievement Level
The achievement level can be increased by accumulating the achievement points. Extra stats buff can be obtained (ATK, DEF. HP) for every one level upgraded. The higher the achievement level, the more additional stats buff can be obtained.

iv. Achievement Chapter
The achievement is divided into 9 chapters. Through the options on the left side of the achievement interface, you can view the achievement quests of every chapter and the chapter progress. You can also check the title rewards. When you complete all the achievement quests in a single chapter, you will receive the title reward for the corresponding chapter.

v. Complete Achievement
The achievement can be completed by achieving the corresponding quest given by the quest prompt content. You can find the corresponding quest’s completion path by tapping on the “Go now” on the Achievement interface. Complete the achievement to earn the achievement point reward immediately, and you can claim the Bound Sycee reward from the pop-up or Achievement interface.

A. Florid System
1. Unlock Condition: Character reaches Lv. 1
2. System Portal: Character >> Role >> Florid
3. System Introduction

Gifts of roses with linger of fragrance. You will receive Flora Value when you send a rose or a Marriage Gift to others. When the Floral value reached a certain amount, you can receive a Florid Title and increase the character stats (ATK, DEF, HP).

A. Title System
1. Unlock Condition: Character reaches Lv. 1
2. System Portal: Character >> Role >> Title
3. System Introduction

i. Title Acquisition
The title acquisition method includes events, completion of achievements, Trial Dungeon, point redemption, etc. You can view all the specific methods on how to obtain the title in the title interface.

ii. Title Activation
You can activate the title directly by using the title item.
According to the title activation, it can be divided into:

I) Title is permanently activated: using the same title item again will be converted into Bound Sycee
II) Title is limited time activation
a. Use a non-limited time items to activate the Title permanently
b. Use Limited Time items to extend the usage time
III) Title is not activated
a. Use a non-limited time items to activate the Title permanently
b. Use Limited Time items to use this Title within limited time

iii. Title bonus
Activate the title to get the stats bonus (ATK, DEF, HP), and you can get the bonus effect (even without equipping the title) during the validity period of the title. Different title will have different stats bonus. You can select the corresponding title in the title interface to view.

iv. Equip Title
You can equip the title once it is activated. The specific steps are: open the title interface -> select the title -> tap on the “equip” at the lower right corner.

A. Costume System
1. Unlock Condition: Character reaches Lv. 1
2. System Portal: Character >> Role >> Costume
3. System Introduction

1) Overview
Besides changing the character’s image, costume can also increase the character stats (ATK, DEF, HP, Hit, Dodge, Crit. And Tenacity)
2) Costume Acquisition
Methods to obtain costume includes events, accumulative Login game, hold weddings, etc. You can view the specific source method of each costume at the Costume interfac

3) Costume Activation
You can activate costume by using costume items directly.

According to the costume activation, it can be divided into:
I) Costume is permanently activated: using the same costume item again will be converted into Bound Sycee
II) Costume is limited time activation
a. Use a non-limited time items to activate the Costume permanently
b. Use Limited Time items to extend the usage time
III) Costume is not activated
a. Use a non-limited time items to activate the Costume permanently
b. Use Limited Time items to use this Costume within limited time

(4) Costume BUFF
Costume can increase the character stats (ATK, DEF, HP, Dodge, Crit., Tenacity). You can get the bonus effect during the validity period of the costume (even without equipping with costume). Different costume will provide different stats bonus attributes. For specific info, you can select the corresponding costume in the costume interface to view.

(5) Equip Costume
You can equip the costume once it is activated. The specific steps are: open the costume interface -> select costume -> tap on the "Equip" button in the lower right corner

Gear Forge

1. Forge extra image gear, max level index or Boots of Speed to obtain Forge points increasing character stats buff
2. Filtering recommended gear will show bound gear with lower CP.

Gear Refine

1. Gear above purple quality may use Refine Gem to refine, permanently increase the gear stats.
2. Refine Gem is divided into 3 categories: ATK Refine Gem, DEF Refine Gem and HP Refine Gem, each adding their corresponding stats.
3. There is a limit for refine gem usage according to the gear’s quality.
4. Refine your gear up to a certain time daily to receive rewards.

Gear Advancement

1. When player reaches Lv. 70, gear advancement function will be unlocked.
2. Only Orange Legend Gear or above can be advanced.
3. Myth Gear Shard and Gear Enhance Gem can be used to advance Legend gear into Myth Gear, or use Myth Gear Diagram to directly advance into Myth Gear.
4. Myth Gear Shard can be obtained from Divine Gear Treasure or other events.
5. Collect a set of Myth Gear, and reach Grade 1/3/6 to activate different set stats and unique visual effects.

Gear Enchant

1. Gear enchant function will be unlocked when player reaches Lv. 70.
2. Player can advance gear above Red Myth quality.
3. Enchanting consumes Enchant Crystal, which can be obtained from operational event index.
4. Each enchantment will randomly improve one of the three stats, which are ATK, HP or DEF. Advancement of gear will increase enchantment level limit.
5. When all 3 enchant stats level met certain requirements, player obtains extra enchant level stats.

Gear Enhancement

1. Enhancing gear requires Enhance Gem, the higher the gear star level, the lower the success rate.
2. Failing enhancement will not causing the star level to drop, but instead increasing the blessing pts, granting higher success rate with the more blessing pts you have. The blessing pts is reset to 0 when enhance is succeeded; 100% to star up when the blessing pts is full.
3. Having a set of gear with star level enhanced may activate set enhancement, granting extra stats.

Gear Fusion

1. Fuse system can be used to make higher level gem.
2. Use 4 gem to fuse into 1, fusing is 100% success, able to make gem upto Lv. 10.

Gem Embed

1. Each gear may embed upto 3 different kinds of gem currently, they are the ATK Gem, DEF Gem and HP Gem.
2. When gear star up to +4, +5 and +6, one embed slot will unlocked accordingly.
3. After gem is embedded, stats on the gem will be obtained.
4 . Gems are upgradable, when all the gems reach a certain level, gem set can be unlocked to obtain more extra stats.

Artifact System

After unlocking the Artifact system from main quest, player will receive the 1st artifact automatically given by system - ”Palm-leaf Fan”


1. Receiving an artifact to activate it’s skill, increase the skill level by activating other artifact, up to Step 3.
2. Each Artifact is able to add huge stats to the player, the stats are stackable.

[God Soul]

1.Use ”God Soul Orb”to upgrade artifact, increasing its’ stats.
2.When upgrading the artifact, ”Chakra” of the artifact is required.
3.God Soul Orb and Chakra can be obtained from God Soul Dungeon.

God System

Player can consume God Shard to activate God, obtain the stats and God skills. After activating, player can use the God Shard to level up and upgrade the stats, and God skills.

God Skill: Player recharges the energy in the battle, and able to unleash God Skill once it is full. The God skill button will switch to different skill if player taps the button while the power is recharging.

[Divine Gear]

Each activated God can equip 4 divine gears of different parts and it has 4 qualities in total (Blue, Purple, Orange, Red). The higher quality of gear, the more stats will be added

[Advance Divine Gear]

Player can use Fairy Jade to advance Divine Gear. Each advance can increase the gear stats. Divine Gear is able to breakthrough to higher quality at certain grade

[Purify Divine Gear]

The random stats of divine gear can be replaced by higher-level stats from purifying. Stats of different quality cost different amount of bound sycee

[God Treasure]

Player can obtain the God shard of the day and epic divine gear from treasure. The God will be refreshed in every 3 days. Player must get Orange Divine Gear from the first 4 times of x10 draws.

[God Dungeon]

Player can challenge God Dungeon 3 times daily, and select any unlocked stages

Player has to block and stop the advancing mob to reach the stronghold in God Dungeon. The HP of stronghold will be reduced if the mobs enter it. The challenge is over when the HP is 0. Besides, player can get reward after blocking each wave of mobs. The stage is cleared and player can unlock the next stage after defeated all mobs.

Index System

1. The Index System will unlock when the player reaches Lv. 54.
2. Upgrade the Index to increase the character stats, and it requires to consume the corresponding shards to upgrade.
3. Different shards will be dropped by different monsters; players can tap on the right flying shoes to fly to the corresponding monster’s location.

Benefit Hall

1. Requirement: Reach Lv. 20, tap the “Benefit” icon at the top right to enter Benefit Hall
2. Daily Attendance
(1) Player may claim one attendance rewards daily. Top-up any amount to claim an extra attendance rewards.
(2) Reach day 2, 3, 5, 7, 14, 26 on daily attendance to claim accumulated attendance giftpack.
(3) Accumulated attendance resets on the 1st of every month.
3. Online Rewards
(1) Online Rewards will be given daily when accumulated online duration reaches a certain number.
(2) Stay online just for 2 hours to claim all Online Rewards.
4. Offline EXP
(1) Player will receive offline EXP gain during offline every seconds. Able to accumulate up to 12 hours of EXP gain.
(2) Offline EXP may be claimed once the player comes online.
(3) Reach VIP 2 to get 2x Gain, and VIP 4 for 3x Gain.
5. Retrieve Rewards
(1) Event content that players did not managed to finish on the previous day, all the rewards are claimable on the second day.
(2) Player may choose to retrieve 50% of the resources (items not included) for free, or spend 100 sycees to retrieve all resources and items.
(3) Each type of quests or event’s rewards can only be retrieved once per day (including free retrieve and sycee retrieve)
6. Activate Giftpack

Player may obtain activation code from joining all kinds of official events, enter the activation code in the page and tap “claim” to receive giftpack rewards.

Class Skill

Tap the skill icon to view skill info. Player can obtain the skill proficiency by casting skill and level up the skill

[Special Skill]

EVA skill, meditating skill, and banned skill are special skills

[Artifact Skill]

1. Artifact skill is a passive skill. The red square shows where the button of artifact skill is. Player can switch the artifact skill by tapping it
2. Tap the skills in artifact skills interface to view the info of each skill. Player has to obtain specific artifact, then player is able to activate and level up the skills
3. The usage of each artifact skill is different. Stun is only effective to player, and poison is effective to both mobs and players. Using the right artifact skills to upgrade the performance of character in the battle

[Magic Skill]

1. Player has to consume Magic Skill Book to activate and level up Magic Skill. It can increase permanent stats to character after activated.
2.Magic skills are split into: ATK, DEF, HP, Hit, EVA, CRI, TEN.

Godlord Upgrade

The Godlord is Lv. 1 at default once activated. You can use corresponding EXP Orb to level-up the Godlord. This will increase the Godlord’s basic stats.

Star-up Advance

The extra Godlord shards can be used to star-up the Godlord. Star-up will be able to increase a great amount of Godlord’s stats.

Godlord’s Skill

Each Godlord contains 4 talent skills and 8 learnable stats skills. The initial activation of Talent skills will be active skills and life skills, and star-up can activate or upgrade the Talent skills.
Stats skills can be learned through the skill book, and increase the Godlord’s level to unlock more skill slots.

Godlord’s Formation

The formation consists of 1 main Godlord +5 assisting Godlords. When the Godlord is deployed, it will increase stats for the players directly. The active skills of the main Godlord will appears on the main interface where players can use it freely.

You can freely view all the current Godlord in the Index function. And if the Godlord Bond’s activation condition is met, you can get additional rewards and bond stats.

The excess material can be broken down into essence through the black market, players can spend Sycee and essence in the black market to buy other materials.

Goddess & Elf System

1. Player can unlock the Goddess and Elf system at certain level.
2. The Goddess and Elf can upgrade the stats CP of character largely, and it have various type of appearances.
1. Player can consume “Advance Orb” to advance it. Each advance increases the blessing point. It advances to next grade when the blessing point is full and player can obtain the advance reward.
2. Advance can increase more stats, and also the cool appearance of high grade.

Appearance Skill

1. Appearance skill can increase extra stats and special skills to character.
2. The higher grade appearance, the more skills are activated
3. Player can level up the skill by using “Skill Book Appearance”.
Appearance Gear

1. Each type of appearance can equip 3 different appearance gears, for instance, there are 3 gears for Fairy Mount:
Goddess ATK: Increase character’s ATK
Goddess DEF: Increase character’s DEF
Goddess HP: Increase character’s HP
2. The appearance of higher grade, the gear of higher grade can be equipped and also better stats.
Growth Potential

1. When the appearance is Grade 3, player can use Growth Orb to increase ATK, DEF, and HP to player.
2. When the appearance is Grade 4, player can use Potential Orb to increase all stats by 0.8%.
3. The higher appearance of grade, the more Growth & Potential Orbs are needed and the more stats added by the orbs.

Diamond VIP

1. Unlock Method
Tap the “Diamond VIP” on right upper corner of main interface to open Diamond VIP interface
2. Limited Diamond VIP
Purchase with sycee to activate 30 days of Limited Diamond VIP, enjoy its privileges.If player did not upgrade to permanent Diamond VIP within 30 days, 30 days later will lost all limited Diamond VIP privileges.
3. Permanent Diamond VIP
Once unlocked Limited Diamond VIP, able to use method below to upgrade to permanent Diamond VIP:
(1) Top-up 7 days consecutively, top up any amount will do, if top-up is paused in between player is required to start over again
(2) Acc. top-up to 1980 Sycee
Note: If player did not upgrade to permanent Diamond VIP when limited Diamond VIP expired, acc. Top-up days and acc. top-up Sycee amount will all be reset
Upgrade to permanent Diamond VIP to obtain more exclusive privileges
4. Diamond VIP Privileges
When player unlocked limited Diamond VIP will enjoy part of Diamond VIP privileges, unlock permanent Diamond VIP to enjoy all Diamond VIP privileges, details as below:
[Limited Diamond VIP Privileges]
(1) Unlock “Anti-Evade skill: When attacking has 30% chance to prevent enemy from using Evade within 4 sec
(2) Top up grants diamond rebate, can be used to exchange item in Diamond Shop
(3) Every day able to claim 1 Diamond VIP Giftpack
(4) Advance Dungeon daily 1st purge is free
(5) Ranking, Chat Channel will have exclusive Diamond logo
(6) Every day able to claim extra 3 times EXP Pool rewards
[Permanent Diamond VIP Privileges]
(1) All limited Diamond VIP privileges above
(2) Every day able to change bound sycee to Zen Sycee
(3) Limited Advance Orb able to change to permanent Advance Orb
(4) One tap purge Advance Dungeon
(5) Every day claim 2x VIP Giftpack
5. Diamond VIP logo
Diamond VIP able to obtain exclusive Diamond logo, this logo will be showed in chat channel,game scenes, ranking etc.
6. Sycee Exchange
(1) Unlock permanent Diamond VIP able to unlock sycee exchange function
(2) Every day able to change bound sycee into Zen sycee, exchange chances refresh daily
(3) Improve VIP level to obtain more exchange chances
7. Advance Orb Exchange
(1) Unlock Permanent Diamond VIP able to unlock Advance Orb exchange function
(2) Every day able to exchange Limited Advance Orb into permanent Advance Orb, exchange chances refresh daily
(1) Improve VIP level to obtain more exchange chances
8. Diamond Shop
(1) Activate Diamond VIP to unlock Diamond Shop
(2) Every $1 top up able to obtain 1 Diamond, diamond clears on 24:00 every day
(3) Player able to spend Diamond, Sycee to exchange item in Diamond Shop,
(4) Exchange 1 class item will be able to unlock next one afterwards, item resets on daily 24:00

Guild System

1. How to Unlock
(1) Guild unlocks at Lv. 42
(2) Player can choose to create or join a guild
2. Create/Join Guild
Player can choose to create a Lv. 1, Lv. 2, or Lv. 3 Guild. The higher level of guild, the richer rewards can be obtained daily and more members can be recruited.
Player can choose to join a guild. Open the guild interface to view the guild list, and tap “Apply” to request to join.

3. Guild Info
(1) Guild can be lv. Up by accumulating guild funds, and it will auto lv. Up when meeting the required funds. The higher level of guild, the richer benefits can be claimed daily, and more members can be recruited, also the guild positions.
(2) Guild Fund can be increased by donating token, sycee, or complete the guild quest.
(3) If all members offline for 7 days in a row, the guild will be disbanded. Guild Leader can be impeached if he/she is offline more than 3 days. The player who declared the impeachment will be the new leader, once the impeachment succeeds.
(4) Each member obtains different guild benefits according to the position. The higher position, the more benefit can get. Guild Leader and Guild Favorite obtains most of the benefits.
4. Guild Member
(1) Player can view the info of members in Guild Member interface. Tap “Setting” to change the position, expel member from guild, invite to chat, and send flower, and view the info. Moreover, player can also send mail, add friend, invite to team and so on.
(2) Position Authority
Player has different authority, based on the position:
Guild Leader: Possessing all authority of guild
Co-leader: Able to nominate Elder and Elite, accept or expel members. Level up the guild crystal and summon the Divine Beast
Elder: Nominate Elite, and expel member
5. Guild Skill
(1) Guild Skills: ATK Buff, DEF Buff, HP Buff, Hit Buff, and EVA Buff.
(2) Consume guild contribution to upgrade guild skills. Guild Contribution can be obtained from donate token and sycee, complete guild quest, and join guild event.
6. Guild Daily and Crystal
(1) Guild Crystal: Able to increase stats to all members (ATK, DEF, HP, and DMG Reduc.), and guild leader can obtain extra buff.
(2) Guild Daily: Complete Guild Daily to increase EXP to Guild Crystal and increase the Guild Fund.
(3) Lv. Up Guild Crystal: Leader and Co-leader can level up the crystal at certain EXP. The higher level of crystal, the more stats obtained.
7. Guild Treasure
(1) Player can open 5 times of chest for free, player of VIP3 and above can obtain more free chances.
(2) The chest is categorized into Green, Blue, Purple, Orange and Red. The rewards differ from each opening.
(3) Player can advance the chest, and each advance cost 20 sycee. The first 3 times of advance are free.
(4) Player can assist the others to open chest. Player can get reward differ from quality to quality and able to shorten the time of opening the chest.
(5) After quitting the guild, all unclaimed rewards will be cleared, and the chances to open chest remain the same.
8. Guild Beast
(1) Guild Beast starts at 19:30~20:00 daily, Guild Leader and Co-leader can summon Normal Beast.
(2) Before 19:30, all members can feed the Guild Beast. The higher level of beast, the more rewards can get after defeated it.
(3) After defeated the Normal Divine Beast, player is able to summon Super Divine Beast, and the summoner can receive extra reward.
(4) Normal Divine Beast can be summoned for once daily, and Super Divine Beast can be summoned by every member for one times.
(5) Guild members, who stay or enter the guild station during Divine Beast, are able to get lots of EXP under the blessing of Guild Crystal.
9. Guild List
Player can view the info of each guild in Guild List. Tap “View” to view the basic info of guild.

Divine Gear Treasure

1. Requirement
(1) Reach Lv. 70
(2) Tap “Divine Gear Treasure” icon at the top right to enter the page
2. Divine Gear Treasure
(1) There are 24 squares containing treasures, players proceed by throwing dice, passing a square will obtain treasure from the square.
(2) Throwing dice consumes 30 sycee, each voucher can deduct the cost by 15 sycee. Players have up to 3 times of free chances for throwing dice.
(3) Able to reset the treasure after clearing the stage. Each reset costs 100 sycees, resetting will grant 2 Myth Exchange Token.
(4) Players have up to 2 chances to reset, raise VIP level to obtain more reset chances.
(5) Progress will be auto-reset on 2400 daily.
(6) All rewards are multiplied during Saturday and Sunday.
3. Divine Gear Exchange
(1) Divine Gear Vault: Use Myth Exchange Token to exchange Myth Essence. 1 token can exchange for any myth essence.
(2) Diagram Exchange: Use Super Exchange Token to exchange for Myth Diagram. Diagram can directly advance orange gear into red gear.
(3) Essence Exchange: Use the super exchange order to exchange myths

Appearance System

1. When the player reaches the specified level, the appearance system will be unlocked. 2. The appearance system will provide great amount of stats CP for the character, and there are up to 10 types of appearance display.
Appearance Advance
1. Appearance system needs to consume “Advance Appearance Orb” to evolve. Every evolution will increase the blessing value. When the blessing value reaches the full value, it will evolve to the next stage and obtain the corresponding advancement reward.
2. Appearance system does not only increase more stats, but will also obtain cooler appearance with higher grade.

Appearance Skills

1. Appearance skills can increase additional stats and special skills to the character.
2. The higher the appearance grade, the more skills can be activated.
3. The appearance skills can be upgraded by consuming the corresponding “Appearance Skill Book”.

Appearance Gears

1. Each type of appearance can be equipped with 3 different appearances. Taking the Fairy Mount as example, there are three types of equipment:
Mount ATK: increasing the character’s attack
Mount DEF: increasing the character’s defense
Mount HP: increasing the character's HP

2. The higher is the appearance grade, the higher the grade of the wearable equipment, and better stats.

Growth Potential

1. Once the appearance system reaches Grade 3, you can feed the corresponding Growth Orb. Each Growth Orb can increase the ATK, DEF and HP for the master.
2. Once the appearance reaches Grade 4, you can feed the appearance Potential Orb, Each Physical Orb can increase all the Trump’s stats by 0.8%
3. The higher is the appearance grade, the more the Growth Orb and Potential Orb can be used, and each Orb will provide more stats.

EXP Dungeon

1. Reaches Lv. 34 to unlock EXP Dungeon.
2. Clearing the EXP Dungeon will grants massive EXP. Each stages has their own “Clear Rewards”, tap the chest on the interface to claim.
3. All cleared EXP Dungeon can be chose to purge all. EXP Dungeon resets back to 1st wave daily.

Advance(Adv.) Dungeon

1. When a player reaches Lv. 20, access to enter Adv. Dungeon will be granted.
2. Clearing each Adv. Dungeon for the first time will obtain first clear rewards.每
3. Dungeon has clear rewards which obtained when you clear the dungeon, as well as dropped rewards that obtained randomly.
4. Different Adv. Dungeon has different level requirement to unlock access.
5. When remaining dungeon chances become 0, use sycee to reset and purge, daily purgable chances with sycees are limited.
6. Becoming Diamond VIP will unlock Purge All function, also granting extra purge chances.


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