Century Game Announces New MMORPG Devil Hunter: Eternal War

The war between the immortals and devils is now right in the palm of your hand as Century Games official announce its new 3D MMORPG for Android and iOs, Deviil Hunter: Eternal War. The game is now currently open for pre-registration and is expected to be released by the month of March this year.

Devil Hunter puts you in the middle of a war in the Three Realms as you climb your way in becoming an Immortal by hunting down devils . Base from the official pre-registration trailer, Devil Hunter flexes top-tier graphics with mouth watering features like the Autoplay system and Cross-server PVP which allow hunters to test their mettle in different mode from 1v1 to NvN. But if this is not enough, players can band together via Guild System and help each other attain immortality or for the lone wolf type, they can go neck to neck with other players to loot the World Boss’s treasure instead.

Four classes is already available for players to choose starting with the Tank hero Martial Saint, Ice base spellcaster called Taoist, the nuker Arcane Luminary and the ranged DPS specialist Winged Illusionist. To help the hunters during combat, loyal mounts and pets are also provided such as Pegasus, Dragons and guess what…a motorcycle!

Pre-registered players will received sizeable amount of rewards from 2000k copper coins, XP Potions, Mount and Pet Enhancement Stone and Cool outfit for their avatar to name a few once their number have reach a certain limit to get an initial edge in the game. You can pre-register right now by visiting Google Play and Apple Store.