Challenging Co-op of Mekazoo

Discussion in 'Nintendo' started by LockDown, Aug 12, 2016.

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    Over the years the 2D platform game has increased, which might be difficult to separate from other games with the same genre. The developer of the game Good Mood creators is planning to make something big which might make the game more unique in certain aspect for a different type of formula.


    At the core of this effort is its main mechanic: Mekazoo gives you a choice of five different animals with which to complete levels. There's only ever one character on screen at a time, but you can flip on the fly between two of them. As you first go through the game, you'll have to start levels with a pre-selected pair of animals. But once you finish the game, you can return to any previous level and complete it again with a pair of your choice.

    source via gamespot

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