Champion Hunters is an upcoming Open-World Action RPG built with Blockchain Technology

Developed by Brick Geek Games, Champion Hunters is an open-world action RPG. This is a play-to-earn game built with blockchain technology that supports NFTs, in-game currencies, and gaming tokens.

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Hunt champion monsters, collect runes, unlock portals, and traverse dungeons to find hidden treasures while exploring and uncovering the story behind the immersive glorious 3D world of Valdoria. As you go along the journey, you’ll meet several characters that will help you in your quest to defeat the Terror King who aims to collect all Valdorian Master Runes in order to possess the greatest power of all.

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While embarking on a journey, you’ll gain experience through combat, exploration, and quests. Don’t forget to collect NFT items along the way. Also note that you can’t control Champion monsters since they are one-of-a-kind creatures but if you want one, then you can capture a normal type and make it your champion by winning the pet tournaments.

Champion Hunters is a free-to-play game but if you want to sell your NFT items that you have obtained to earn tokens, you’ll have to purchase the market pass. Hunter and CShard tokens are both native to Binance blockchain (BEP20). This game will be released first in PCs/Macs then followed by mobile devices.

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To recruit characters, purchase lands, and build a guild, you’ll have to use Hunter Tokens. To trade in-game items in the marketplace such as Swords, armors, skills, Pets, runes and other common items, you’ll have to use CShards. But don’t worry, if you don’t have either of those you can still play and test the game.

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To earn in the game, the most common way is to grind the items you have acquired and trade them in the marketplace in exchange for a token which you can convert into fiat using any cryptocurrency sites. Another way is to buy and sell and since Gas fees are mandatory in Binance exchange, it is suggested to buy or sell in bulk to save from gas fees.

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The value of an individual game item ranges from $10 - $100,000 or even more depending on its rarity and demand, in which most items that you acquire can be traded in the in-game marketplace and there are some that you can trade via third-party platforms. The good news is, everyone is free to put their own price when trading in the marketplace, but make sure it's in a reasonable range.

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Champion Hunters will enter its first Alpha testing in Q1 of 2022 and is scheduled to publish the Season 1 of the game in Q4 for PC while on mobile devices, it is planned to be released in 2023. Once the game finally releases on PC, game updates will be published continuously for story expansions.