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May 11, 2015
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Want to play in different regions/countries League of Legend Players? Here is your chance to enhance your skills, play with your league idols and prove that Filipino League Players can also play competitively and be on the top!

Here is your guide on how to play on different countries/region just follow these easy steps:(IF YOU'RE TOO LAZY TO READ JUST FOLLOW THE PICTURE BELOW)

Step 1: Check for Garena Updates (Garena Must Be Updated)

Step 2: Log-in Garena Account

Step 3: Look for Setting Menu below Garena Launcher

Step 4: Click Region Settings and choose what region you want to play

Step 5: Click Yes Button (Note: Your Garena will automatically restart upon clicking Yes Button)

Step 6: Log-in "again" Garena Account

Step 7: Click League of Legend Icon

(Note: Notice that the start button is not yet ready to play, you need to "INSTALL" and "PATCH" the game again on every region you choose to play then your ready to go)

  1. If you want to go back on PH Servers , do the same procedure and click Philippine Region.
  2. Not 100% Guarantee Stable Ping (It always depends on the region you want to play with).
  3. Your Garena PH In-game account will be not recorded whether your Bronze , Silver , Gold , Platinum , Diamond , Challenger or Master Tier. YOU NEED TO START AGAIN ON LVL 1 AND GRIND TO LVL 30 THEN PLAY RANKED GAMES (you will be on a different server so you need to start all over again).
  4. Play Competitively Show to other Countries that Filipino Players is also good/better in playing League of Legends.

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