Changes in the tier list of Expert Wingman


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May 1, 2019
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Discussion about the changes in the tier list of Expert Wingman

What's the difference of their tier list and our tier list? They do not consider the popularity. This is based on their Carrying Capacity for solo gameplay. Meaning, less team-dependent heroes are place in a higher rank.

1. Kimmy S+ to S ⬇️

The base HP nerf on Kimmy in the 1.3.74 Patch Notes really affect her. Her counter, Blade Armor, which we popularized is also a factor why she is not auto ban anymore. She is not a real threat because players already know how to counter her. The popularity of Belerick also brings her down in the META.

2. Aldous A to A+ ⬆️

Aldous was just sent back to his original spot. Aldous first skill was adjusted from 8 to 7 then now back to 8 again. Each stacks give 8 permanent damage. So if you have 100 stacks, youe first skill will deal 800 damage plus depending on your physical attack.

3. Hilda B+ to B ⬇️

Hilda's buff on a few patch notes ago because of her Aries Zodiac Skin didn't brought her popularity. Only a few players know how to play her well even as a tank. She is one of the tanks that can deal a high amount damage even in pure tank build. Why she is below in the META? It is because of her weaker CC. She only gives knockback effects which do not disable opponents. Her ult is powerful but it is not enough. AoE CC made tanks a META just like Minotaur's ult that can disable enemies in an area unlike Hilda's single-target ult.

4. Sun B to C ⬇️

This is an underrated hero. Though I think they super underrated Sun this time. Sun cannot carry the game by killing and winning teamfights. But he can by pushing and killing the Turtle and the Lord. But we still understand why they chose to bring Sun down in their tier list since Solo players rely on winning teamfights in order to get objectives in the current META. Sun isn't that good in teamfights. He has no CC skill too.

5. Alpha A to B+ ⬇️

This is also a weird adjustment. Though we still understand that the Top 1 Global Alucard ranks up much faster and has a higher win rate than the Top 1 Global Alpha. Alpha has a good set of skills. He has CC and damage. I guess Alpha just needs to be popular so that many players will know that he can carry games. Alpha can bring you to Epic Rank easily. But in higher ranks where teamfights are very important, initiating a teamfight means a suicide. Once he is disabled in the middle of the teamfight, his heal in his second skill will be unusable.

6. Martis A+ to A ⬇️

Martis is also brought down in this list because it is obvious that Chou and Guinevere are better CC fighters. Martis might have an AoE CC and CC immunity but it isn't enough to dive into teamfights and get those kills just like what other fighters like Thamuz and Leomord do. Ruby is even a better CC hero than Martis.

7. Hanzo B to B+ ⬆️

Nothing change with Hanzo. He was just underrated in the previous list. This adjustment is only because of that super underrated downback that they now did with Sun. Hanzo is still a strong pick for lower ranks. But in higher ranks, make sure you will hide your body 2 turrets away.

8. Hayabusa A to A+ ⬆️

This is also because of the fact that the Top 1 Global Hayabusa has a better winrate and MMR than the Top 1 Global Helcurt. He is not that good in teamfights but be careful when he is away from the teamfights because he is definitely pushing to victory. Your team might lose teamfights but as long as your teammate knows how to defend, Hayabusa can carry victory by split pushing. This is the weakness of the current teamfight META. If they are unaware about the splitpush, they will lose because of Map Unawareness.

9. Gusion S+ to S ⬇️

There are no S+ Assassin in their tier list. Gusion is also the only in this S Tier. So nothing much change. Gusion is still the best assassin in terms of carrying capacity. Maybe this adjustment is because more players already knew how to play much safer so that Gusion won't kill them easily.

10. Helcurt S to A+ ⬇️

Even the Top 1 Global Helcurt moves down the MMR list. One reason is that Guinevere users already know the tactic to avoid suiciding when engaging against Helcurt. Harith's popularity over Lunox is also a factor.

11. Selena S to A+ ⬇️

Selena is the next best assassin to Gusion. Since they put Gusion down to S Tier. They've adjusted the previous S Tier to A+ Tier. The assassins is starting to fall out of popularity to be honest. Reason? First is Minsitthar. Second is Khufra. Third is the familiarity of the engagement of the assassins. Marksman is even now more prioritized than Assassins because of the late game possibility. Team composition are now more balanced than the previous ones which are only focused on Early to Midgame since most matches especially in Mythic ends in 10 minutes.

12. Lancelot A+ to A ⬇️
13. Fanny A+ to A ⬇️
14. Karina A+ to A ⬇️

Similar to the explanation above, these previously ranked as A+ Tier Assassins were adjusted to A Tier. Nothing changed in their stats. The adjustment is mainly because of the current situation and popular scenarios.

15. Harith S to S+ ⬆️

Everyone thought Harith was nerf. Ok not everyone but most thought that Harith was nerf. But he was actually buffed.

In the 1.3.74 patch notes, his Physical Defense Growth was increased.

In the previous one, the immobilized effect of the ult might be removed but was replaced to 50% slow effect. Only a few noticed that they've adjusted the damage of his first skill by 30%.

Harith is still OP. He deserves to be in S+ tier with Lunox and Esmeralda

16. Nana A to A+ ⬆️

They continue to rise Nana in their tier list because Nana is simply so annoying. Her passive and her second skill makes her hard to kill. The thing that she really lacks is damage. Nana would be OP if she also deals tons of damage that is why I think she is one of the most balance hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

17. Cyclops B to A ⬆️

I also notice that Cyclops is gaining popularity again in lower ranks. His CC coming from ult might be weak but even the META mages don't have a hard CC skill so what makes them different from Cyclops? A Tier might be overrated for others but I think with his damage and even high farming capacity than other mages makes him a good mage to use.

18. Odette B+ to A ⬆️

This adjustment should be done after the patch 1.3.80. We will see a lot of Odette and even the comeback of the Classic Johnson and Odette Combo in our games. The 60% damage reduction buff for her ultimate skill is enough to risk using her again.

19. Eudora A to B ⬇️

Eudora and Odette are the lowest MMR mages for their top 1 global users respectively. Eudora lacks mobility and her skills have long cooldown. Her combo might be deadly but once she used it, she will be useless for sometime. Besides, she only commonly kills a hero in a teamfight that is why other AoE Burst Mage is better to use than her. An example is Aurora who has faster first skill CD that can be spammed more to poke enemies.

20. Alice A+ to B+ ⬇️

Alice is a good frontliner mage. But speaking of the tier ranks, Harith is obviously a better frontliner than her. In terms of carrying capacity especially in lower ranks, she cannot carry the game alone. She might be useful in higher ranks because of COORDINATED teamplay but for solo players, Alice is really not recommended.

21. Kadita S to A+ ⬇️

Kadita is overrated in S Tier. She is simply a balance hero. Not as OP as Esmeralda, Harith and Lunox and also not as unviable in the current META like Eudora. She deals a considerably high amount of damage. She has a CC skill. She also has a damage and CC immunity when using ult. She also regens HP through her passive. She deserves A+ Tier.