Chaos Knight Item Build and Gameplay Guide


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Nov 3, 2014
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Chaos Knight Guide - Advantages, Weaknesses Drafting, Item Build and Gameplay

  • Excellent movespeed, 2nd highest in the game
  • Decent armor
  • Good stats
  • 3 Clones that deal 100% damage
  • Can play many role for the team: Carry, Ganker, Initiator, Tanker
  • Damage is too random (though still high)
  • Melee
  • Very mana intensive
Do not pick:
  • many enemies pick aoe disabler
  • especially earthshaker
  • your team lack nuker hero
  • you can't use skill properly
  • your enemies pick 1 vs 1 hero
  • your team need carry and durable hero at once
  • your team need ganker
Role: Carry - Disabler - Durable - Pusher

Skill Build
  • Level 1: Chaos Bolt
  • Level 2: Chaos Strike
  • Level 3: Chaos Bolt
  • Level 4: Reality Rift
  • Level 5: Chaos Bolt
  • Level 6: Phantasm
  • Level 7: Chaos Bolt
  • Level 8: Reality Rift
  • Level 9 : Reality Rift
  • Level 10: Reality Rift
  • Level 11: Phantasm
  • Level 12: Chaos Strike
  • Level 13: Chaos Strike
  • Level 14: Chaos Strike
  • Level 15: Stats
  • Level 16: Phantasm
  • Level 17-25: Stats
Why maxed Chaos Bolt first? This is your main nuke, you will need this for ganking and killing or early mid game.

Why take 1 level of Chaos Strike for early game, it will help you to deal more damage to creeps or to early-mid ganks.

Why maxed Reality Rift before Chaos Strike? The rule of DotA: Nukes for early game, physical damage for late game. Reality Rift is a nuke that will deal more damage on early-mid game. And the most importantly, you need the low coldown of Reality Rift to be able to spam this skill. And Chaos Strike is for physical attacks that will be the main source of damages for mid-late game.

Item Build and Gameplay

Early Game Items:
  • Quelling Blade
  • Iron Branch
  • Iron Branch
  • Tango
  • Healing Salve
Core Items:
  • Power Treads
  • Armlet of Mordiggian
On early game, if you want to steal the Firstblood! increase Chaos Bolt and use the stun to lock your enemy so your team can beat him and get the FB.

On early game, your focus is on last hitting. 1 level of Chaos Strike and a Quelling Blade will helps you in this case. Farm as many creeps as you can and save the gold to buy nice items for the late game. Always check if your enemy is on a bad position, like if he is to late to go back and your creeps will surround him if he is stunned. Then: stun him!, and use Reality Rift and then kill him!

Mid Game Items:
  • Helm of the Dominator
  • Sange and Yasha
Mid game is the ganking time, except if you are a full farmer for the late game.
Then if you choose to ganks, Find the weak opponent in other lane, and come from the jungle behind your target. Your strategy is to stun him and use Reality Rift on him, and then you can use Phantasm to increase your damage output. Remember that more number will defeat the less number. So if you gank someone, ask your friends to gank together and make it sure that your target will be killed with your combo.

Late Game Items:
  • Heart of Tarrasque
  • Assault Cuirass
  • Manta Style
  • Satanic
It's the time to get TRIPLE KILL!!, ULTRA KILL!!, or RAMPAGE!!.

Phantasm and Chaos Strike will reach it's potential here. You will deal tons of damage in a teamfight.With you + your 3 illusions all deal 100% damage and Critical Strike, nothing is impossible for your team. You can turn back the fight or so.

Just be careful of some AoE hero that can destroy your illussions quickly.
As a Chaos Knight, it is possible that if you lose control of your hero, and Chaos Knight attack uncontrolled and brutally, and you can still lucky and got TRIPLE KILL!!, ULTRA KILL!!, or RAMPAGE!!.

Chaos Knight is a chaos in a teamfight. He bring Chaos. So don't expect a calm teamfight. Fight brutally with all your illusiions and achieve GODLIKE!!

Friends and Enemies

Support and Mana Regen
  • Keeper of the Light
  • Crystal Maiden
  • Vengeful Spirit
  • Shadow Shaman
  • Enigma
  • Bane
  • Lion
Chaotic Skill
  • Invoker
  • Venomancer
  • Earthshaker
  • Troll Warlord
  • Ogre Magi
  • Beastmaster
AOE Spell Caster
  • Earthshaker
  • Lina
  • Crystal Maiden
  • Keeper of the Light
  • Tiny
Mana Burners
  • Anti Mage
  • Keeper of the Light
  • Nyx Assassin
  • Anti Mage
  • Queen of Pain
  • Morphling
Cleave / Splash
  • Kunkka
  • Dragon Knight
  • Sven