Chasing Hope, LifeAfter's Volcano Crisis Resolved! A New Chapter with St. Rona Awaits

LifeAfter, NetEase Games' doomsday survival game, officially released its new map, St. Rona on 28th May. When faced with disaster, survivors united and eventually secured their homes after a grueling fight. This is a badge of honor for mankind. Here's a look at the survivors' journey through the crisis.

Never Give Up

To combat the volcanic crisis, survivors tiptoed at the crossroads of fate and paid the price for failure. Initially, to stabilize the volcano and reduce its activity, the Federation decided to use the 24-hour cooling period to drop stabilizers into its crater. To that end, the brave front-line responders embarked on the most dangerous mission, carrying the hopes of all humanity with them. The support party began to move supplies and set up temporary medical stations to help the wounded.

At this time, the volcano erupts, spewing lava across the lands. The survivors reluctantly abandoned areas swallowed by magma and changed tactics, deciding to build a wall to defend the city threatened by the encroaching lava. Despite falling volcanic rocks, raging fires, and attack from the burning Infected, the survivors never retreated.

But fate is never so kind. The first wall built collapsed and the lava flowed through it, damaging all the other walls that had been built. You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice, and the survivors never gave up. The Federation swiftly decided to build a new barrier along the outer ring, and survivors all over rushed to contribute any steel they had. Everyone came together to help construct the new and improved wall, bravely fighting off any Infected that got in the way. Eventually, the second barrier was up by dawn, successfully fending off the lava! After two failures, mankind finally took control of their destiny. The light of hope glimmered once again.

St. Rona Heralds New Challenges

As the St. Rona opens, survivors will encounter even bigger challenges. The volcanic eruptions caused countless catastrophes, spreading magma and raining down lava, causing houses and precious resources to catch alight. In St. Rona, survivors will need to put out fires, rescue refugees, dodge falling rocks, and smash through crumbling walls.

More panic is brewing in St Rona. With special Infected out in the open and more lurking in the shadows ready for action, will the survivors be able to overcome the unknown and save St. Rona?

Whatever the future holds, the survivors' homes are safe for the time being at least. The fire of civilization is preserved, and the fate of mankind breathes a sigh of relief. All of this was possible thanks to the tenacious joint efforts of all survivors. New challenges have emerged. Press on for a brighter tomorrow. Mankind will never yield.

Save the world, with the world!

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