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Jun 11, 2021
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Hi! I'm Kimeru and welcome to my shop, I'm offering you a very cheap Discord Nitro Subscription (3 months and 2 boosts)

Why should you buy from me?
- Compared to Discord Nitro's original prices which is ($9.99), it is very expensive and not everyone can buy it so I'm offering you this very cheap subscription 30% off

How can I prove that I'm not a scammer?
  • This service is 100% safe, I will not take anything from you.
  • I know I'm very new here but I can assure you that I will not scam you.

  • Your Discord account should not have an existing nitro subscription
  • You must have a credit card/paypal (Optional)

- 300 Pesos ($6)

Payment Methods:
- I am currently accepting GCash and Paymaya for now.

Where can you reach me?
- You can reach me by contacting me through discord Kimeru#0069, I am also at PinoyGamer discord.