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Aug 14, 2018
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Games today have many different channels to reach the end-user, compared to how it was released in its heyday. There are multiple platforms today that's available for indie studios to make a new game, which gives us gamers a ton of variety, instead of waiting for the same old games that bigger developers tend to stick with. You can find new games with interesting gameplay that's released on Steam as an Early Access game. Early access is described as giving players access to the game which technically functions as the game intended. However, there might be bugs or some issues with the gameplay itself on the later stage of the game's gameplay. However, these are all typical in Early Access games where game developers figure out the appropriate balancing or how to slot in new content which helps push the game to its final form, faster. So here are early access games that you should check out today!


Flotsam is described as a survival base building game that features around you building around a floating lighthouse in what appears to be a world that is submerged underwater. You'll need to build certain buildings and collect resources to generate enough food and water to keep your crew alive. Flotsam also features different locations where you can transport your entire town there and start scavenging in the new location. The game features greats music and pretty good graphics. The game is currently lacking in the content as after a couple of hours of play and with the right decisions made in terms of building up your town, you'll find yourself generating steady rates of resources. The game definitely is unique, and there's more gameplay content to be expected since this is just the beginning!


Another maritime-themed game, Raft features a game revolving around survival on a raft as well as scavenging to build better equipment. The gameplay takes place in the first-person perspective, where you navigate your character into scavenging floating materials around your raft. Build better equipment, and compared to the first entry, Raft includes a man-eating shark that will try and get you. Every single attack, the shark will take a piece of your boat, a nibble at a time. And of course, you'll be able to defend yourself if you've crafted harpoons and other survival tools. The game is in early access but a large amount of positive reviews on Steam shows that the game has its footing and now all the developers need to do is come up with additional gameplay features and objectives. This game will be a big hit, considering the rise in survival games again.


Base-building survival games seem to be really picking up and here's another one that's been in early access for a couple of years now. Factorio is a game where you build automated systems in the form of factories and conveyor belts, as well as maintaining them, in your efforts to build a rocket and getting out of the alien planet. The game has seen overwhelmingly positive reviews due to its well thought out systems which makes a big part of the game's premise, even though it's still in early access. The game's well thought out systems let players enjoy hours and hours of content, building up a huge mess which would still function. Some players totally forget about objective and just play based on what they want to do. You go do you!

Infinity: Battlescape

Ever thought that the space battles in Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is far from enough? This game scratches that exact itch. Sometimes it's amazing to see the games that come out of early access that looks like a perfect game. And this can be said about Infinity: Battlescape in terms of the general gameplay mechanics and the absolutely stunning graphics that helped players to immerse themselves into the game's environment. Infinity: Battlescape features multiplayer spacecraft gameplay. So, we're talking about exploring the well-rendered space environment and the heavenly bodies that occupy it. And let's not forget combat. The game also features an interesting game mechanic where you'll be able to disable subsystems of an enemy's ship before blowing it up completely. Infinity: Battlescape is a promising game that will blow other competitors out once it comes out early access and it buffs out the scratches.


As a big fan of pixel graphics, there's no way I'm leaving out Noita of this list. Noita features rogue-lite gameplay, whereby players use their character and breakthrough each level with spells that they could create by themselves. Noita best feature would be the visual and physics of everything that's in the game. From particles of your lightning spells to the molten liquid flowing down on you, Noita has it all down to the dot. All they need now is figuring out the balancing of the enemy's strength, as it gets almost impossible to get through after a certain later level. This is the magic of early access where it gives developers time to fix up their game as well as garner feedback from the players who help them with the finances. Noita holds great potential to hit it big, so check the game out!

Early access games give gamers a chance to try out a new game with a great concept. Although it's in its initial stage, the feedback from the players can help developers to tweak their game to reach their vision of the perfect game. Gamers can also feel that they're part of the journey with the developers in getting the game ready to get out of early access. Check these games out today! What are your favorite games on Steam? Let us know in the comments.