Chimeraland is a MMORPG that will be launched in the global market

The global publishing name of Tencent Games, Proxima Beta is releasing its second title, Chimeraland.


Chimeraland is a MMORPG that will launch on PC and mobile devices. The game is based on a Chinese mythical book known as “Classic of Mountains and Seas”.



The players are allowed here to explore a 9 billion square foot map while being anyone or anything that they desire because of its customizable characters. Players can do various activities here like fishing, hunting, crafting, and taming wild beasts. It really depends on the players on what they want to do in the game.



Chimeraland will start its closed beta test in a few days. The recruitment already started earlier this month, July 1, and will end today, July 15, for residents of the Philippines and Canada. The closed beta test will commence on July 20 and will last up to August 4.