China Hero Project PlayStation Showcased Their Newest Game Trailers and Gameplays PlayStation 

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The moment you saw the title, most of you might not really know what this is. Well, you can include me if I didn't do my research. China Hero Project is actually a Sony-funded initiative that aims to support Chinese-funded game developers. A few days ago, they showcased new game trailers and they're pretty good, to be honest.

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There's one particular game in China Hero Project that's been in development for quite some time already and it's building noises recently. Lost Soul Aside is the name of the game and you might have seen or heard it already. Although new footage of the game has been anticipated, unfortunately, we didn't get any. But, still, the games that were present in the event were great. So, without further ado, let's begin!

First off, we got RocketPunch Games' Harcore Mecha. The graphics were a bit casual for a PlayStation game, but the gameplay and designs are solid. As far as the footage shows, it's a sidescrolling mecha game with a hardcore fighting gameplay. Personally, at first glance, the mechs look like Japanese designs and reminded me of Voltes V. Or maybe it's because I never saw or watched any Chinese mecha animations, if there's any.

If you love adventuring through dark stories and solving riddles or puzzles, then this game might pique your interest. In Nightmare is a dark and scary adventure game that leads you into a Coraline-like story. If I'm going to mix Coraline's plot and Little Nightmare's horror, this game will be it. The large monsters that will haunt you in the game are enough to send you into an adrenaline rush.

I love this type of game. For those who play Dauntless, Destiny 2, Warframe, or even Monster Hunter series, you might find this game interesting. If the footage is really showing a co-op play rather than having a bot ally, then Convallaria has great potential. The gameplay looks neat already, but the design is still clunky if you'll ask me. It still looks great tho. If it's going to be available for PC as well, then I'll definitely give it a try too.

Next, we have the SpikeWave Games' Evotinction. The designs are well-made and the gameplay mechanics are pretty unique. It's a stealth game and you're fighting against a highly-advanced artificial intelligence. Well, based on the gameplay, the AI seems to manifest in a form of an awakened floating orb that you can uniquely hack. The mechanics are still vague but that short gameplay was sweet!

We already have great multiplayer shooting games such as Valorant, Counter-Strike. and Call of Duty. But, this game might be another contender for this genre. Project Boundary will test our shooting abilities while playing with zero gravity in outer space.

Who would've thought that an astronaut shooting battle is a thing! All I can say is that the devs might have created one of the greatest future games. The designs were surreal and if this goes into PC too along with Convallaria, then I'll definitely play it!

Well, here comes another game with an oddly unique design. ANNO: Mutationem is a cyberpunk-themed game with a very interesting design. I don't why, but the partly pixelated graphics of it seems to be enjoyable rather than annoying. We all love how the game evolved through generations and how we're enjoying great 3D games right now.

I can't explain why I find it satisfying looking at its smooth animations despite having partly-pixelated designs. I've played a lot of retro games but I never encountered this kind of animation before.

Any classic Metroid fan out here? Because this game might be for you. Well, instead of playing our favorite adventurer Samus, you'll be playing a bunny-like character that carries a huge fist. That's why it's called F.I.S.T. Just like how we love Metroid's sidescrolling battles, F.I.S.T also offers the same excitement.

Your huge fist allows you to create different combos to take down your opponents. And the best part of it is how challenging the battles are. Based on the gameplay, it feels like you're playing Metroid with the difficulty of Castlevania.

Well, this game wasn't shown in the event. But, this is the Lost Soul Aside which is a PS5 exclusive. Everybody's expecting it in the event but, sadly, there's no news about the game. It's been 3 to 4 years ago since it started and the game looks promising due to its Final Fantasy-like elements. Here's the recent footage from Sarthak Kumar where you can enjoy the exhilarating combos of the game.

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Well, that's it. I hope you enjoyed it all. Since you've already reached the bottom of the article, might as well tell us which of these game caught your interest. Will you also try them on your console? Tell us your thoughts below.