China imposes video game curfew for minors

A lot of young teens turn to video games after a long day from school or whenever they have free time. But teenagers in China will soon have a limit that will force them to play reduced minutes on League of Legends and other online games.

In an attempt to reduce minor video game addiction in their country, China is now imposing a curfew for gamers that are below 18 years old. Minors are now prohibited from playing video games from 10PM to 8AM. During weekdays, teen gamers can play up to 90 minutes while on weekends and public holidays, they are allowed to play for three hours a day. Playing time is not the only thing that the China will limit, but also the amount of money minors can spend on games. Gamers aged 8 up to 16 years old can only spend a maximum amount of 200 Yuan (around $29 USD) per month, while players aged between 16 and 18 can spend 50 Yuan ($57 UDS) per month.

Because of their large population, it's no surprise that China is one of the biggest gaming market in the world and with this new law that they are implementing, the gaming industry revenues will surely take a hit. Professional gaming scene will also have a hard time scouting new recruits to play games and their professional scene will surely have a hard time developing new talents and may lead to the demise of Chinese eSports scene.

It's no secret that Philippines also have a large amount of young players who spend more than 90 minutes a day playing computer games. Teenage video game addiction has also been a problem for some time in our country. Would you like to see this video game curfew system be implemented in our country? Tell us your opinions about it below!