Chocobo GP Square Enix's Final Fantasy-inspired kart racing will be released for Nintendo Switch on March 2022

According to the publisher. Chocobo GP will bring an end to a two-decade drought of racing as Final Fantasy's iconic bird species.


Players will be able to race as characters from Final Fantasy (and its offshoot games), such as a Chocobo on inline skates, Cid, Terra Branford, Vivi, and Steiner, as well as summons Shiva, Titan, Gilgamesh, and Ifrit. Racers will face opponents with Magicite – renowned Final Fantasy spells like Aero, Blizzard, Fire, and Thunder — in races that look a lot like Mario Kart. A time attack mode and unique races will be available in Chocobo GP, as well as a tournament-style competition for up to 64 participants.


Chocobo GP Lite, a free-to-download version of the game that includes Chocobo GP's narrative mode prologue as well as access to local and online multiplayer races — if they're playing with a buddy who possesses the full version of the game. Square Enix promises that progress made in the Lite edition of the game will be carried over to the full Chocobo GP.

The trailer showcases all the fun and mayhem players can look forward to early next year. It also introduces new game modes in addition to the Story Mode and the 64-player knock-out style tournaments in Chocobo GP Mode:

Time Attack: Players can challenge themselves to beat their personal best times on various courses. Players can also asynchronously race against others from around the world* to get the best time.
Series Race: Players will compete for the top spot in a series of four races; can be played alone or with friends.
Custom Race: Players can create their own challenging races with custom rules, both alone and with friends.

Chocobo Racing, the first game in Square Enix's Chocobo kart racing series, was released in 1999 for the original PlayStation. A Nintendo 3DS sequel was planned but never released, resulting in a 20-year gap between the two major installments.

On top of the full game hitting in March on the Nintendo Switch, Chocobo GP Lite will also be launching. It’s a free-to-play version of the game, giving you a chance to check it out before deciding to buy it all.