Chong Black Fierce Dragon

Guild of Guardians
A mighty warrior that can transform into the Black Dragon and dominate the battlefield Mobile Legends new Hero Black Fierce Dragon Chong coming to the Advanced Server as a free limited hero and unavailable for purchasing.

Display Model and Portrait:

Cursing Touch
Chong applies Sha Essence to the target every time he does damage. Upon reaching certain number of stacks, Sha Essences erupt, dealing physical damage based on the target HP lost periodically until all Sha Essences are consumed. Chong gains movement speed when there are enemy heroes affected by Sha Essence around him. If an enemy hero with Sha Essence died, Chong fully absorbs the Sha Essences and restores his HP.

Dragon Tail
Chong infuses his power into his cloak and turns it into a weapon. After a short delay, the cloak starts to attack nearby enemies. Its sharpened edge deals more physical damage than the center area.

Soul Grip
Chong unleashes the Dragon Soul, dealing physical damage to all enemies in front and slowing them. Chong can drag enemies hit by the Dragon Soul towards himself through his movement. Upon contact with Chong, enemies will be stunned and slightly knocked back.

Furious Dive
Chong leaps towards the designated location with his full strength and deals damage. After a short delay, enemies caught in the area of effect will be knocked airborne and take additional physical damage.

Black Dragon Form
Chong transforms into Black Dragon form and starts charging. While he's in the Black Dragon Form, he ignores terrain and enemy attacks, and knocks back enemies on the path. When Chong returns to his human form, the remaining influence of the Black Dragon improves the range of all Chong's skills.

Patch Notes 1.4.74 [Advanced Server]
  • From the Designers:

    Dear player, in last week's update, we released the new hero "Black Fierce Dragon" on the Advanced Server.

    We've been overwhelmed with players' feedback on how much they like this hero, and we feel even more motivated to move forward with the optimization and improvement on this hero. On the other hand, we've also noticed a rising concern from our players regarding the hero's original name.

    We originally chose to name the Black Fierce Dragon after one of our designers of this hero since his name fits into the background story and hero setting of the Black Fierce Dragon.

    It was our inconsiderate move that hurt some of our players' feelings and we are deeply sorry for the offense caused by the name. In addition, we have changed Black Fierce Dragon's name and background story in this update. Thank you for your understanding and support. Have fun in the game!

  • Basic HP increased by 100. Physical DEF increased by 5. HP Growth increased by 10.

  • Cursing Touch: During Sha Eruption, Yu Zhong no longer gains additional Spell Vamp. Newly added additional Sha Essence regen. Greatly increased Movement Speed Boost. Triggering condition of HP Regen changed from "upon death of enemies with Sha Essence" to "in the duration of Sha Eruption".

  • Dragon Tail: CD reduced by 1s at all levels.

  • Soul Grip: Skill redesigned. It can no longer drag enemies, while Yu Zhong's personal movement right after skill cast remains. Yu Zhong no longer knocks enemies back upon contacting. Newly added Basic Attack enhancement based upon number of enemies hit by the skill (number of Sha Essence applied also varies accordingly).

  • Black Dragon Form: Black Dragon Form lasts for 1s longer.
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