Choose Your Dojo! Cobra Kai: Card Fighter Pre-Registration Is Now Open iOS Android 

I'll tell you right now that this isn't your ordinary card game where you use every inch of your brain cells to create magical or surprising combinations. As any Netflix viewers might know, Cobra Kai features martial arts such as Karate and not card fights, right? Well, let me introduce to you to the new fast-paced card fighting game brought to you by Gamaga and Boss Team Games.

Cobra Kai: Card Fighter is now open for pre-registration! Developed By Gamaga and published by Boss Team Games, Cobra Kai: Card Fighter features your favorite characters from the series! You also get to choose which Dojo you'd like to side, Cobra Kai or Miyagi-Do. There are PVE and PVP contents, but I can already see that they're focusing on PVP content based on the game's basics.

Can you remember that thrill Shadow Fight or Punch Hero brought us when they first arrived in the market? Well, Punch Hero's no longer in the store and Shadow Fight has greatly evolved already. Good old days indeed. No worries tho! We got Cobra Kai: Card Fighter now! Those fast-paced eye and hands coordination you used are now going to be converted to strategic cards instead of touch-screen buttons to smash.

Picking and timing the right cards might sound easy for you. But, it is just as hard as timing your attacks using your two thumbs on your touch-screen buttons. Your chances of winning will depend on how you strategically use your cards. Speaking of those cards, according to the game's description, you'll need to collect and upgrade them to make them more powerful. I can't judge the game yet, but I can already hear some ka-ching! in that thing.

Now, as I have said earlier, the game will feature your favorite characters. You'll be able to train students such as Robby, Miguel, Samantha, Eli “Hawk”, Aisha, and Demetri to make them more powerful. You'll need to level them up and help them earn their black belts. You may use the training dummy or A.I to practice your moves.

For PVP lovers out there, this might be a great game for you! You love the thrill of limit-testing yourself and competing against other players to prove your worth, right? Aside from PVP sparring, which ranks you up, you may join the weekly and monthly tournament to earn honor and prizes! Show them your special moves and gain glory in these tournaments.

The game will soon officially arrive in the market. It will be available for both Android and iOS whose links are provided down below along with other sites you might find interesting. The pre-registration rewards are yet to be revealed, but there's an indicator that there are rewards. So, what are your waiting for? Prepare yourself, meditate, and feel which Dojo you'd like to join while pre-registering!

All images and content used are properties of Gamaga and Boss Team Games. Check out their social media accounts for promotions, news, and updates! The game will arrive in March 19th! Remember the date, as well as the saying, "Strike First. Strike Hard. No Mercy."

Hey! Are you looking for a fight? Or maybe just a friendly talk? Then why not join us in our Cobra Kai: Card Fighter discussion now!
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