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Apr 22, 2019
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Ive always wanted to post this guide cuz i love to play chou hes just so fun at making enemies cry but anyways lets continue the guide(sorry kung natagalan nawala kasi yung chou guide na ginawa ko kagabi)

Chou is a S+ rank Fighter that specialize on CC and Damage,hes the best go-to fighter when youre struggling in epic plus hes cheap for 24k bp you can buy a monster
==Pros And Cons==
√ The best mobile fighter
√ Has alot of CC
√ Strong DMG
√ Can even wreck tanks
√ Good sustain
√ Has a high carrying capability
Δ Difficult
Δ Has some counters but not noticed when youre good at using him
¤Passive:Only Fast
After walking 6 yards,Chou's next basic attack will deal an additional 150% damage and slows the enemy
¤1st:Jeet Kune Do
Chou can cast this skill 3 times,1st cast slows the enemy and 3rd cast airborne's the enemy for 1 second and also resets Shunpo's CD
Chou dashes a short distance,while dashing,Chou is immune to any type of CC,after the dash,Chou receives an additional 15 physical pen for 2 seconds and a shield,the amount of shield he gets depend on how much physical attack he has
¤Ult:The Way of the Dragon
Chou does a roundhouse kick to an enemy dealing damage and knocking back the enemy,Chou can cast this skill again to follow up to the airborne enemy dealing damage and slightly knocking back the enemy
BA-Basic Attack
¤1-1-2-1-BA-2-3-3-BA (the common combo)
¤1-1-2-1-3-3-BA(the fast combo mostly used in ganking)
¤1-1-2-Flicker-1-2-3-3-BA(the tower diving or chasing combo)
So there are 2 types of Chou you can play
DMG Chou
~Assassin Emblem
~Max on Physical Attack
~Max on Physical Pen
~And use Bounty Hunter or Killing Spree

And Tank Chou:
~Tank Emblem
~Max on Armor
~Max on Magic Resistance
~And use Offense And Defense

>Spell for Chou is of course Flicker for his signature Flicker-Ult or Flicker-1-Ult

For DMG Chou:
•Endless Battle
•Rapid Boots
•Berserkers Fury
•Blade of Despair
Situational Items:
•Malefic Roar
•Deadly Blade
•Athenas Shield

For Tank Chou:
•Wizard Boots
•Sacrificial Helmet
•Dominance Ice
Situational Items:
•Antique Cuirass
•Athena's Shield
•Courage Bulwark
For DMG Chou:
>At early go solo top and rush to the enemies minion by going to the middle of the enemies 1st and 2nd turret,after that do the basic jungling style (jungle-lane-jungle)once youre lvl 4 you either gank a lane or wait for your lane enemy to come close to your turret then ult him/her and make sure to secure the crabs
>At midgame,Chou is now more of a hunt and kill hero,always do your combo and always ult your enemies either away from their turret or to your teammates,and be more aggressive because you have your sustain which is your shield so no need to worry about your health and your dmg which is your passive and Ult
>At late game,Chou's primary target is now the glass cannons(or squishies that deal alot of damage like marksmans,assassins etc)make sure at teamfights you ult the glass cannons that are in the backline and kill them since youre very powerful at late game

For Tank Chou:
>At early,help your midlaner to farm minions and monsters and once your lvl 4 do the tower diving combo in order for your midlaner to get a kill and then repeat
>At midgame,always gank lanes or help a teammate to get kills
>At late game,Chou slowly looses his effectivity in teamfight like i said at dmg chou always ult the glass cannons to your allies,you can also push turrets if youre doing nothing since the passive can help you push turrets fast
==Tips and Tricks==
>Remember your 2nd skill makes you immune to CC while your dashing,use its effectiveness in battle when your fighting a CC hero
>If you see a low health enemy turret as dmg chou go to the turret use your 2nd skill when your in the turret then use basic attack then boom turret destroyed,only use this when its midgame
>Pair Chou with glass cannons so that when Chou kicks the enemy to your glass cannon,its a sure kill
>You can increase Chou's knockback distance from his ult if you wait a little bit before using your 2nd phase because if you immediately press your 2nd phase,you'll only knockback the enemies for a short distance

Thats it for the Chou Guide,hope youve learned something new about Chou


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May 1, 2019
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Why do we think Chou is more overpowered than Kaja and Guinevere in the current META?

Quick Answer:

They've adjusted Kaja and Guinevere in the previous patch notes. Guinevere's Full Combo now can't kill a full HP hero with much success unlike before and Kaja is now having a bit harder time to pull enemies towards his teammates.

Chou hasn't been adjusted in the previous patch notes. Why? Because Chou is already quite difficult and tricky to use. It is the advantage of mastering difficult to use heroes. The game developers of ML:BB tend to give difficult heroes to use a bit more power than those that even a first time player in MOBA can master within a few matches. It is the prize of having a high difficulty.

The reasons why these heroes are said to be better than other fighters is because of their initiating capacity.

Chou and Kaja has their respective ults.

Guinevere's second skill is also an initiation skill along with its CC effect that can even increase her damage.

One difference of Chou from those two is his pushing capacity.

Even though Guinevere's Basic Attack is Magic Damage, Chou's Passive makes pushing much faster.

Chou also has better mobility because of his multiple dashes.

Though, this makes him very vulnerable against Minsitthar and Khufra Picks.

Chou also has more CC skills. He has knock ups on both first skill and ult.

Guinevere only has her second skill and Kaja has his ult.

Chou also has an ability to be immune to CC Skills because of his second skill.

You can build an anti CC line up with Chou, Grock, Diggie and even with the resiliency of Harith. The only slot remaining is for a late game hero like a Marksman.

So with those four solid reasons, we decided that Chou is the most overpowered Fighter in the current META.

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