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May 11, 2015
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So let's talk about Chou

Oh well here it goes, So the hero I'm talking today is an annoying, tanky, fighter with low cd skills

So this is my item build

Warrior's Boots - for defense and speed
Blade Armor - this is for countering enemies but its more like being cheap for armor

Apocalypse Queen - lifesteal isn't important but the damage reduction is lowered if your HP is below 40% (by 50%), this really teams up with the second skill and overall the damage reduction is 75%, I still wonder if the damage reduction affects the blade armor's passive which is countering the enemy's damage by 25%. Anyways

Immortality - well obviously for second chance, but also this is a great item because you get some health after you respawn and its enough for you to escape with your damage reduction.

Athena's shield - well this should be bought before the immortality but in my preference, immortality is better. This gives some shield for you and it will really make you very tanky and diving the tower like nothing

I forgot the item name but that helm thingy? Which generates some health in it? Like the surroundings/background in it is full of the symbol (+)? I chose this kind of item to generate more HP if the regeneration skill is triggered so that I don't need to go home/recall to avoid affecting my game.

So my emblem is Tank Emblem which focuses on defense because Chou right now isn't best for damaging heroes. Like his skills and passive isn't damaging at all.

In the skill set.

The famous First skill - first skill - second skill, first skill.

If you're using this in enemy then use second soill again to go behind your target and use third skill

But in the case where you put your enemy in your team or the tower, you shouldn't press the third skill the second time fast because your enemy won't go too far, but also don't be too late, just imagine tapping in it in a split second. You should practice this in Custom mode.

Tips: Use your skills frequently, dont worry, 4-6 seconds isn't bad at all.

But use your third skill properly coz it will change your proficiency greatly. Also, try going with your teammates to help them kill fast.

In battle spells. Aegis is recommended but I prefer Flicker because it is best in support and escape. But why support?

Pro's nowadays choose killing when they are fighter since their roles isn't mainly in pushing at all so in Chou, they use flicker to go behind the opponent and use third skill.

So this is their skill set.
The famous First skill - first skill - second skill - first skill

There are three scenarios on what's going to happen next. One: the enemy will walk so (second skill - third skill) still works in this scenario

Two: the enemy will use a skill to go away. This time, you use Flicker then third skill to catch the opponent.

Third - the almost impossible scenario to beat. The enemy will use flicker to go away.
This type of scenario often happens but if you want to kill the enemy badly then use flicker and second skill then third skill then walah, an ideal killing situation.

If you're dying or you want to save your teammate being ganked then use the famous skillset and use the third skill (but dont use the second cast) to the enemy to flick him away.

Miya and Alice always say, watch your backb ecause they are the favorite heroes for Chou to kick in their backs.

And want you to be saved from a disaster.

Fun fact: Chou talked with his friend Lance about fashion to change his look. After Chou's rework, Lance laughed so hard at the backstage.


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May 11, 2015
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Have anyone of you notice that you can't connect Chou's skill as fast as before? If you do then you felt right! It not a lag or anything but a little twerk that the developers did to him.

It's like the delay in skills execution in Kagura in a certain patch (it was so bad that many complaints about it including me where they fix it ASAP in the next patch) where the skill gets cross while in skill motion.

This is a big nerf if you ask me cause Chou is all about being fast so having a delay is not very welcome.

I just notice it when I played him today, I thought it was a lag (cause it's not MLBB without lag right?)

But I notice that when I use shunpo, the other skill get cross(means you can't use it) which destroy my rhythm and letting the enemy escape with a dash skill or flicker (this was really annoying cause I thought I got them but they always get away cause of the skill delay).

Pls. Fix this, they didn't say anything about this.