Chronicle of Infinity Opens Its Close Beta: First Impressions and Pros/Cons

From the game developer of intense MMORPG heavyweights such as Eternal Sword M and Tales of the Wind comes another action RPG that will make you powerful and stylish at the same time: Chronicle of Infinity.

Set in a world under a threat of violent Obsidian Army, you are tasked as one of the guardians of Astrapolis (a hybrid city of science and magic) to battle them out to save your beloved city. Chronicle of Infinity bears the same setting of Eternal Sword M which oozes with sci-fi feels on its astounding 3D environment. Each character class looks really stylish in various equipment sets that reminded of those cool armors in games like Cabal Online.

What breaks this game apart from other current mobile RPG is it's over the top animation every time you activate your skills especially your rage skills and when transformed into a power-up armored version of your avatar. Though its main game lets you jump from one stage into another with creeps and bosses to duel on (no free-roaming world this time), the game offers a lot of exciting modes that keep you busy outside of it. One of its unique highlights is a battle royale mode Apex Gorilla that allows 150 players in a deathmatch with so many rewards that await the last man standing.

And of course, no RPG will not be completed without its Wings and Pet features. These features in this game are however are not just for aesthetics sake alone. Your Avions can actually transform into wings to help you in battle and so does your pet (even if some looks harmless but be warned, those charms can kill you!).

To make the game even more interesting, all its dungeons are randomly generated: you will never know what kind of monsters,traps, and loots awaits you and your party.

The only slight downside here is that you are given only three classes to choose from (Phantom, Dragoon, and Arcania) with limited customization and only one slot during your initial selection. Hopefully, this can be expanded as the game continues to provide updates.

The skillset is also quite limited (3 standard skills and one rage/ultimate skills) and could be improved more with unlockable skills that perhaps can give players varying playstyle.

The stage-based dungeon might not also for everyone especially those who find it too repetitive and wanted more exploration (to which the developer can capitalize it more since this game is probably one of the mobile games with coolest graphics in town).

But in general, the Chronicle of Infinity gives you a really good time if you are looking for a solid, hack, and slash RPG with tons of action. If you want eye candy and nail-biting mobile game, this RPG is for you!

Download it now in Google Play and tell us your experience in the comment section down below.