Chrono Odyssey - New Multiplatform Space-Time Fantasy Online MMORPG PC iOS Android 

A total hands down to NPIXEL on this one. Just by looking at how they worked with Gran Saga and this new masterpiece, I can't help but think that they're some sort of an adventurer standing in front of Genshin Impact as the final boss. But, let's talk about that later. For now, let's introduce the game and its details. Introducing NPIXEL's newest creation, Chrono Odyssey!


Formerly known as "Project S", Chrono Odyssey is an online MMORPG built around the concept of time and space. If time and space are still not complicated for you, then how about you mix those two things with the concept of gods? The plot of the game revolves around the story of the special organization called “Idraiginn" and their war against the 12 gods. Sadly, that's it on the game's plot and concept for now. But, if any update arises, we'll post it right away.


NPIXEL is known for creating Netmarble's popular game, Seven Knights. They are also known as the developer behind Gran Saga, the other upcoming alternative and possible competitor of Genshin Impact. There's no denying that Genshin Impact became our latest standard in terms of open-world MMOs. And there's no game yet that I know of that may be considered as the best worthy competitor for Genshin. Let me know in the comments below if you have any on your mind. But...


This might be it. NPIXEL's Gran Saga attracted a lot of investment amounting to an estimated $26 million or 30 billion Korean Won last January 2020. I've seen the news from Gematsu and I don't know if this January investment was different from the stated "November" investment. Nevertheless, huge investments only mean that NPIXEL's creations have huge potential!


The development of Chrono Odyssey started last year, 2019, and is being prepared for the tests as early as next year, 2021. They're aiming to officially launch the game in 2022. But, looking at how GRAND and big this game is, my expectation for its release would be in late 2022. Oh, you wonder how big this game is?


Aside from the concepts of time, space, gods, war, and a mysterious special organization, you have (breath deeply):

18 different jobs from the unique job system, realistic graphic quality built from Unreal Engine 4, a vast map "that transcends time and space" to explore, random dungeons (still with the concept of time and space), RVR (Realm vs Realm) content, and awesome soundtrack composed by Cris Velasco and his team. Cris Velasco is known as a global game music composer and his most noticeable works can be found on God of War, StarCraft, and Overwatch.


That's one long list of things of features right there! As a matter of fact, that's just a summary! Now, going back to the proper description. NPIXEL said that they're planning to optimize the game and launch it to various platforms. They've already mentioned PC and mobile platforms, but as for the console, I'm not sure if they're working on any exclusivity. After all, PS5 and Xbox Series X are currently in a heated battle for exclusive games. It could also come out in Switch.

The next images are concept arts and it doesn't reflect what the actual game will look like. Still, these concept arts from their main site are astonishing.



That's it for now, folks! The game has still a long road of development to take and all we can do is sit tight while waiting for the updates. The links that you might be searching for are down below. And, as usual, all the credits for the images and content that I've used belong to NPIXEL and their team. Special thanks to Gematsu for the extra information. You've been looking at the images for quite some time already, so why not enjoy this awesome trailer too!

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